Love is in the air

This is a story about 18 year old Ivory Williams Jensen and how she finds her self in a crappy situation between life and love either go and live or go with her love but her family disappears????? Now she has to make a decision whether she likes it or not but all of it comes to a conclusion when Harry Edward Styles and Ivory meet in a place not really ordinary and when Mr.Styles decides to become her friend but what happens if ivory starts getting feelings for her new friend........And Harry feels the same. Now what happens?Oh oh "love is in the air"


5. That day

Harrys P.O.V

I'm in the set for Jessie and debby Ryan is here and shes very pretty but I cant think of her that way!. "Harry?" I turn and find the manager talking to the rest of the boys so I guess they need to talk to me ok?.

Ivory's P.O.V

I'm walking home from school and its a Friday and we have spring break so ughgh a whole week of bored me. So I decide to walk by the amazing studio that L.A has in the near street and as I'm parking my self on the pole to see it from inside some girls push into me by accident and all my papers binder and books fly oh god.

Harrys P.O.V

As I walk with my script to the window I see a girl this beauty with brown curly hair braided on the side with her bangs flying because of the wind blowing and she has some jeans (skinny) and some combat boots with her Hollister shirt and she seems to be trying to get some papers,guess they flyer away.

I giggle and shake my head then look back at her and she's kneed on the concrete sidewalk organizing the papers. When all of a sudden one paper falls out and comes inside to the studio. No body seems to notice but she looks embarrassed so I stand up and get it then am afraid to go outside because of the crazy fans!!!

As I walk on the street everyone seems to be calm but her. She's staring at me and she quickly gets her stuff and try's to leave but I run to her and grab her arm so soft and say " I think you dropped something":) . I stare into those blue eyes so sparkly and hand her the paper.

"thank you:)" she says with the sweetest voice then walks off. I smile and look at the ground then walk back to the studio. What a day!!
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