Love is in the air

This is a story about 18 year old Ivory Williams Jensen and how she finds her self in a crappy situation between life and love either go and live or go with her love but her family disappears????? Now she has to make a decision whether she likes it or not but all of it comes to a conclusion when Harry Edward Styles and Ivory meet in a place not really ordinary and when Mr.Styles decides to become her friend but what happens if ivory starts getting feelings for her new friend........And Harry feels the same. Now what happens?Oh oh "love is in the air"


9. I love you

Harrys P.O.V

Ivory's taking me somewhere private and ooooooh this better be good.

"were here" she says....I look around and find this amazing beautiful park filled with trees ,flowers, and a big water fountain. "it's so beautiful" I say..she looks at me and smiles then bites her lower lip and i grab her waist then kiss her passionately.

As we ride in our world I pull back and say "do you wanna go with me to England Yorkshire homes chapel????" She stops smiling then lets go of my hand..."umm idk if I can" she says looking at the ground..:(

"Trust me that place is nice" I say trying to cheer her up,,,,"I have to decide after graduation" she answers. I nod then grab her again and just kiss her more..❤

Ivory's P.O.V

As me and harry make out I feel a spark hit me in my heart and in my mind I'm like "how did this happen so quick?" We'll I don't really mind it. Then harry decides to lay me in the bench. Him on top of me and me under.

Since I'm not a fan of 'sex' I stop him and pull back "sorry.....harry but this just cant be happening right now ok? We are too young and we just met, its too quick"

"For what? I wasn't going to do anything" he says. I get up and say "you know what it's getting late anyways." Then as I leave harry pulls me back "so your saying you didn't like it?" He says whispering to me...."no I just didn't want anything sex" I say as I jerk my hand free.

When in right at the edge of the street I can hear harry coming so I try to hide but it doesn't even work "give me your phone I can text you" he says immediately........."240-345-2354" I answer...

"I'll see you and I'm sorry I did that ok,I was just enjoying the moment....please forgive me" he says,,,,,"I love you harry and that could tame anything" I said giving him a quick and passionate kiss on the lips.
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