Inseparable or so they thought

When Harry,Liam,Niall,Zayn and Louis find them selves fighting over their bestfriend Megan their friendship takes a turn for the worst, they dont want anything to do with each other but when Megan goes missing the boys are worried can they pull together to find Megan and resolve things?


3. The lies

Niall's P.O.V.
Harry,Mollie and myslef were walking down the road, on our way to school, we we spotted Meg aka Megan although everyone calls her Meg or Megs. We called her name several times but she didnt seem to here us. She must've been listening to music or something. She looked as beautiful as always, with her dark brown curly hair tha falls perfectly down either side of her shoulders, her natural tanned skin and her gorgeous face with little make up and her piercing blue eyes that sparkled. I like her ALOT but so do the other boys, weve never told her though and I thinkwe best keep it that way. We eventually caught up with Megan and I reached out to tap heron the shoulder, I made her jump a little.

Megan's P.O.V
Niall made me jump like heck, I took my headphones out of my ears and turned round to see Harry,Niall and Holliee stood there smiling.
"Hey Meg's, you allright?"Niall asked
"Hey Yeah im fine I just though you were Ro...... never mind"I replied. I was relieved to see my best friends stood there and not Rob. I wanted to tell them what had happened last night but I was stopping myself, why couldnt I tell them, I needed to, I had no where to go, I needed to tell Mollie and so I decided I would tell her but not yet it was too soon.


Mollie's P.O.V.
When we approached Meg she seemed scared and a little frightened she wasnt her usual self, I needed to find out what was wrong, but I didnt want to ask incase it made her upset. She's been my nest friend since we was 6 and I know she can trust me. I kept telling myself.
"Hey Meg's, are you sure your okay, you dont seem your usual self today" I asked her, I was beginning to become concerned. She was usually all smiley and joyful and always wanted a chat but today she seemed down and wanted to be alone.
"Yeh Mol's Im fine"I could tell she was lying by the way she stared at the ground and didnt make eye contact.
"What's the holdal for then?" I didnt want to be nosy I was just concerened for her.
"Oh this?" she said as she raised a fairly small holdal up. "its just got some school bits in"She lied again, I needed to know what was wrong with my best mate.

Megan's P.O.V.
I hated lying to my best friends, it killed me inside and i regreted every bit of it, the rest of the walk to school was silence and Harry,Niall and Molliee had a conversation I wasnt really paying attention a
s other thoughts rushed through my head where will I stay, will Rob find me, I needed to go somewhere, where he wouldnt find me and I knew the exact place!

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