The Albion Prophecy (A Sonic Fanfic)

*SEQUEL* With Eggman hot on her trail and her powerful destiny ahead of her, Kay is forced to relocate to the United Federation’s capitol, Station Square, in order to train under the safe wing of G.U.N. During her instruction she learns more and more about what it truly means to be the Emerald’s Chosen…and just how hard it is to be the center of attention. Will she survive the vigorous training? And why does Shadow the Hedgehog seem to have it out for her?


14. Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen


Heart still racing at a speed that could rival the Blue Blur himself, Kay slumped to the floor and tried to calm herself down. She was still really confused as to what had just happened, but with her nerves as shot as they were, she doubted an answer would present itself right now.

“I wouldn’t let him get to you,” Rouge said. Surprised, Kay looked up at her. The bat put one hand on her hip and waved off Shadow’s sudden absence with the other. “He gets into moods like this all the time. Nothing I can’t handle. I’ll give him time to cool down and then go talk to him. I’m sure I can get him to change his mind.” With a small smirk, Rouge approached her student and offered her hand. “I hope he didn’t scare you too bad.”

Are you kidding me? I’m about to have a heart attack! Kay wanted to scream as she took Rouge’s hand and was helped to her feet.

Once her student was more or less steady on her own, Rouge skimmed back over the previous event and frowned thoughtfully, putting a hand to her chin in contemplation. “Though, that was a little bit strange, even for Shadow. I wonder what made him snap like that?”

I don’t know, Kay said to herself, but once my pulse catches up to me I’ll probably figure it out and then feel really stupid.

At that moment a loud alarm began to sound, making both girls jump. There were no flashing lights, but the noise was enough to let them know something was wrong. Rouge crossed her arms, irritation flashing across her face. “Oh, this is just what we need. As if there wasn’t enough drama already.”

Soon an urgent announcement came through the headquarters’ loudspeaker system: “Hostile forces have taken out the city’s perimeter defenses. They’re heading straight for HQ. All available agents report to their designated areas immediately.”

Rouge and Kay exchanged glances. The former shrugged and said, “That’s me. Come on.” She hurried out of the room, Kay following close behind.

Why can’t I see what’s going on outside? Kay wondered as they ran through the never-ending halls of HQ. Maybe it’s because I’m still stressed over what just happened with Shadow. As they ran, human soldiers sprinted past them from every direction, following orders and reporting to their stations. Rouge led them up several flights of stairs and eventually out onto the rooftop. Of course. She is probably an air-support agent. The girls hurried to the edge, where they could see everything happening both on the ground and in the air.

“Look!” Rouge cried, pointing skywards. Kay glanced up.

“It’s Eggman!” she exclaimed.

The giant, metal flying fortress was in the sky for what felt like the thousandth time, no doubt searching for her. Kay frowned. She wished Eggman would just give up, but knowing him like she did, she knew that was never going to happen.

Moments later the bottom of the Death Egg II opened up, releasing dozens of ground troops. When she glanced down, Kay saw a group of G.U.N. soldiers advance, fully prepared to take on the robot minions. The opposing forces fought for about a minute or so; then the Death Egg released its air troops...which flew right for the girls on the roof.

Rouge wasted no words and leapt into the air, extending her wings and meeting the enemy head-on. Kay wasn’t surprised to see her take on quite a few of Eggman’s winged robots without even breaking a sweat. What did surprise her was that some of those minions got past the agent and came right for her. Kay gasped and stumbled back as the few troops landed one by one on the roof with her. It wasn’t long before she was surrounded.

Oh, great. Kay glanced back and forth, counting six robots on the roof with her. She had been in training for a week. She was certainly not ready to handle actual hand-to-hand combat yet, but she’d give it her best shot anyway.

One of the robots began to speak in a monotonic voice: “Target located. Preparing to capture.”

“Your boss isn’t getting me that easily,” Kay replied with a frown, her heart rate picking up again. She took a ready stance. I feel like a real Freedom Fighter right now. “Come on.”

The robot’s arm transformed and lifted towards her. Kay suddenly found herself staring down the barrel of a gun, caught totally off-guard. Oh, well, that’s new, she thought as she took a step back. I haven’t gotten to weapons combat yet. I’ll have to think fast. Then, without much thought at all, Kay swung her leg into the air, doing a high roundhouse kick into the gun. When her foot came back down she almost lost her balance, but thanks to Shadow’s teaching she was able to regain control within seconds. She glanced back at the robot and was surprised to discover that her attack had actually damaged the gun so that it was now unable to fire. Kay blinked. “Well, that was a lucky kick, but I’ll take it.”

All at once the remaining robots aimed for her. Kay realized that they were standing right where she needed them, so all she had to do was duck and let them do the rest. No sooner had she thrown herself to the ground than the gunfire blazed overhead. The robots ended up shooting each other, stunning themselves temporarily.

Now’s my chance, Kay thought. She leapt to her feet and ran towards the nearest bot, using the momentum of her jog to power a kick directly at the minion’s chest armor. The force made the robot stumble back and then topple over the edge. Kay turned to her left, hurried to the next robot, and elbowed it over the rim after the first one. Two satisfying explosions came from below, marking the end of those annoyances.

When she turned back around Kay suddenly found herself cornered. There were only three robots left, but they had her escape routes cut off and all three had their guns aimed for her. Kay’s hand found the rim of the roof and she cast a quick glance over the side to assess the situation. From what she could tell there were no handholds, and it was probably an easy fifteen-story drop to the ground.

She turned back to face her opponents and slowly lifted her hands so that they were on either side of her head. The center robot turned its gun back into an arm as it said, “Target has surrendered. Preparing to capture.” Kay waited nervously as it approached her, unsure as to whether she would be strong enough to pull off her next move. She decided not to worry about it and go with the flow.

The robot was within arm’s reach. In a flash Kay grabbed the machine’s wrist with one hand and its elbow with the other. Then, with all the strength she could muster, she pulled it towards her, stepped aside, and tossed it over just as she had with the first two. She watched it fall and saw the smoke rise when it collided and blew up like a bomb.

I can’t believe that worked! Kay smiled to herself and turned back around. The remaining two robots were advancing, weapons at the ready. She knew she couldn’t take on both of them at once. Besides the fact that she had only been training with one person at a time, one wrong move could trigger their guns, and Kay didn’t know how to avoid that.

But she wasn’t willing to let them take her to Eggman, either. She was tired of everyone having to come rescue her instead of fending for herself. She’d already destroyed one robot’s gun and trashed three others. She would figure out something for these two.

Kay realized they were getting closer and second-guessed herself. She didn’t have enough time to plan for an attack. She couldn’t go around them, over them, or under them. Her only chance of escape was to jump. She glanced over her shoulder to double-check her previous assessment and found that nothing had changed. Of course.

Oh, great. Prisoner of war or injured solider-in-training? She wondered. She hated both choices, and to be perfectly honest she may not even survive a jump like that, but what the heck? Kay turned around and climbed onto the rim. I jumped from Eggman’s carrier onto Angel Island, and that distance was easily five times this one. I’m still here, aren’t I?

With that encouraging thought in mind, Kay squeezed her eyes shut and hurdled herself over the edge, knowing very well that she may not even survive the impact. But then, she would rather die than let Eggman get any information from her.

Suddenly she felt something collide with her mid-fall at the same time that someone said, “Gotcha!” The next thing she knew she was flying across the ground, moving far away from the building with the robots. It wasn’t long before whoever it was that had caught her set her down. A hand patted her back gently and a kind, quiet voice asked, “You all right?”

It was then that Kay opened her eyes again. She found that she was in a patch of grass behind a large boulder, and kneeling beside her was someone that she hadn’t seen since her first few days on Mobius. She wanted to laugh out loud with joy and relief. “Sonic!” 

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