The Albion Prophecy (A Sonic Fanfic)

*SEQUEL* With Eggman hot on her trail and her powerful destiny ahead of her, Kay is forced to relocate to the United Federation’s capitol, Station Square, in order to train under the safe wing of G.U.N. During her instruction she learns more and more about what it truly means to be the Emerald’s Chosen…and just how hard it is to be the center of attention. Will she survive the vigorous training? And why does Shadow the Hedgehog seem to have it out for her?


11. Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten


Kay stood in the training room of G.U.N. bright and early the next morning, defying drowsiness as best she could. She really was not a morning person.

Rouge stood in front of her and Shadow stood in a dark corner of the room, observing her every movement with undivided attention. Kay felt a little uneasy knowing he was watching every single thing she did, but she also knew that it was his job now that he’d agreed to help Rouge train her. As of right now it seemed that he was letting his partner do most of the work.

Rouge snatched Kay’s attention by saying, “All right, then. Let’s get started.” She cocked her head at her new student. “How much do you already know about hand-to-hand combat?”

Nothing, Kay wanted to say. She thought for a moment and replied with a shrug, “I took self-defense a couple of years ago.”

“How much of that do you remember?”

Nothing, she thought again with a wince. “Not much.”

In his darkened corner, Shadow scoffed at her. Rouge stood up a little straighter and observed Kay for a few moments. “Right. This could be interesting.” The bat loosened up a bit on the spot, though Kay was fairly sure that both of them had warmed up long before she’d gotten out of bed. Rouge continued, “How are you at dodging?”

“Pretty good,” Kay answered, recalling her past briefly. She’d been the undisputed master of dodging dodge-balls in her gym classes. Her aim with the balls was terrible, but she was never hit. At least, not easily.

Suddenly Rouge swung her leg through the air towards Kay’s left side. Kay was out of the way before she had fully realized what her trainer was doing. In response, Rouge smiled a little. “Quick reflexes. Impressive.” Then she kicked again to Kay’s right, then her left, then back at her right. The swings came so fast that Kay had barely dodged one when another came flying at her. Eventually she lost her footing completely and toppled over. She glanced up at the bat, expecting a disappointed look, but instead Rouge seemed almost amused. “Hmm...not good at multiple attacks.” She helped Kay to her feet. “Can you punch or kick?”

“Not effectively,” Kay replied. Rouge rubbed her chin with a gloved hand and scanned her student from head to toe.

“Well, it seems we have our work cut out for us,” she said at last, turning to glance over her shoulder at her partner. “Eh, Shadow?”

He scoffed in acknowledgement.

Rouge turned back to Kay and thought for a moment. “You’re good at dodging. We’ll build on that first. You’ve got to learn to avoid multiple attacks or you’ll never survive on a battlefield.” She eased herself into a battle-ready stance. “I’ll start off slow and pick up speed as we go on. Prepare yourself.”

Kay did as she was told, but uncertainly. She’d never taken a stance when preparing to dodge. The position was alien to her.

Rouge attacked as soon as Kay was settled, moving much slower than she would have in actual combat. Kay dodged the first kick to her right, but after that she failed to do so again and had two left-focused kicks hit her. Rouge frowned in confusion as she stood upright. “What happened? Your responses were worthy of Sonic just a second ago.”

Kay held up her hands helplessly. “I can’t think about it like that or my mind overworks itself and throws me off. I have to stand normally and clear my head. Otherwise I can’t dodge at all.”

Rouge seemed puzzled by the idea of not taking a ready stance but gave an open-minded shrug all the same. “All right, try it your way, then. Ready?” Kay nodded. This time when the kicks came, the hedgehog was able to dodge all three of them without a problem. Her trainer was pleasantly surprised. “Good. Now let’s speed it up a little.”

Each time Rouge delivered her three kicks faster and faster, and though it took Kay a bit to get used to some of the speeds presented, she was able to avoid another bruise easily enough. It seemed that all those years of dodge-ball in the gym had actually been worth something. Finally her trainer switched to random patterns, kicking and punching while moving about in unexpected zigzags. Kay even impressed herself when she was able to dodge all but a few of the several attacks. Rouge was impressed as well, and after her last bout she nodded in approval. “Well done.” She then turned to Shadow and asked, “Care to give it a try, handsome?”

Kay’s eyes drifted over to the black hedgehog in the corner. He was scrutinizing her, silently debating whether she was worth his time. After a long pause he decided that she was, and he pushed himself off of the wall to take Rouge’s place before her. Rouge stepped back to watch, a small smirk on her face like she knew something was up.

Shadow gave no warning, no ready stance. He simply lunged for her, mostly using his fists instead of kicking out like Rouge had done. Kay noticed (as she was dodging, of course) that once Shadow had slipped into combat-mode his face was a mask of dead seriousness and concentration. His red eyes sought out his enemy’s defenseless spots and aimed for them with very fast and powerful accuracy. Kay found it much harder to evade him, though only a few attacks hit their target.

I really am good at dodging, she thought to herself.

Just then Shadow stopped mid-lunge and turned his deadly gaze on her. She was so surprised that she completely ceased to move just as he had done. She blinked, and suddenly he was gone. The next thing she knew there was a sharp pain in the center of her back and she was lying on her stomach on the floor.

She felt Shadow’s presence directly behind her and imagined him frowning in disapproval. “The enemies you face will undoubtedly have powers you are unaware of,” he told her in his deep, ever-solemn voice. “You must be prepared for anything. If you’re not, you will be defeated before ten seconds have passed.” He paused then, watching her closely as she rolled onto her back and gazed up at him. His frown deepened as he stepped back about a pace or so. “Again,” he commanded roughly.

Kay stood back up, watching him more closely this time. She had momentarily forgotten his ability to transport, but she also knew most of his basic patterns of reappearance, so when he vanished this time she immediately whirled to the blind spot on her left. He was there, all right, already swinging a rapid right hook to her shoulder. The impact threw her back to the ground. She barely had time to lift her hands and protect her face before she landed.

“Think faster,” Shadow growled. “Again.”

She stood up yet another time and readied herself, knowing now that was her only hope of anticipating his attacks. Shadow did the exact same thing and moved into her blind spot, sending his student to the ground in the exact same manner a second time.


She rose to her feet. Now Shadow teleported directly behind her. Somehow she had known he would do so and was able to completely turn herself around to see him and dodge his attack in one motion. The speed of the action was a bit overwhelming, however. Kay felt dizzy and stumbled backwards over herself, losing her footing and landing on the floor once more.

Shadow shook his head. “You must have balance. Do it again.”

The process was repeated. Kay wobbled again, but just as she was regaining her balance her dark trainer gave her a mighty shove, and she was sent sprawling to the ground. Shadow moved so that he stood directly at her feet and glared down at her in dissatisfaction.

“You have a lot of work to do if you are ever to survive a firefight.” He crossed his arms. “Be prepared for anything, act quickly, and stay on your feet.” Kay winced at this last demand. Shadow stepped back, clenching his fists. “Again.”

Good grief, she thought as she obeyed. Before she was fully upright Shadow pushed her down a second time.

“Your enemy will not rest when you are down. Act quickly. Again.”

This is ridiculous. Kay’s legs shook a little beneath her as she got up for what seemed like the hundredth time. Once more Shadow attempted to punch her before she was completely standing, but Kay expected it and darted to her right, catching his wrist in her hand to block his assault. He paused for a moment, nodding once. “Good.” Suddenly he thrust his foot out and twirled around, sweeping her legs out from under her and letting go of her arm in one fast motion. His student found herself sitting on the floor yet another time.

“Shadow, take it easy,” Rouge finally spoke up from the corner where she had been observing the one-sided fight. “She’s not trained for heavy battle.”

Shadow grunted. “That much is obvious.” He turned his gaze down upon her again. “Think fast. Act fast. That is your lesson for today.”

That being said, he turned on his heel and strode out of the room. 

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