The Albion Prophecy (A Sonic Fanfic)

*SEQUEL* With Eggman hot on her trail and her powerful destiny ahead of her, Kay is forced to relocate to the United Federation’s capitol, Station Square, in order to train under the safe wing of G.U.N. During her instruction she learns more and more about what it truly means to be the Emerald’s Chosen…and just how hard it is to be the center of attention. Will she survive the vigorous training? And why does Shadow the Hedgehog seem to have it out for her?


20. Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen


She came to slowly, with voices swarming in her head. They were soft and few at first, but the closer she got to consciousness the more intense the volume and amount grew. She couldn’t single any one voice out and she didn’t try to. All she wanted was for them to go away so she could sleep.

Until one voice screaming at the top of its lungs jolted her awake and her eyes snapped open.

Kay found herself in a new location, lying on a bed in a small room. For a few minutes she simply lay there staring at the ceiling and willing her heart to slow down to a normal rate. Hearing the screaming voice had startled her pretty good. It took a bit for her to calm herself,. When she did she attempted sitting up and immediately regretted it when a wave of nausea and faintness slammed into her. She clutched the bed and squeezed her eyes shut. The voices came back. Kay groaned. Was there no peace for her anymore?

At length she decided to take things a step at a time. First to get rid of the voices. With her eyes closed as they were, she focused on ridding herself of all unnecessary voices and scenes that were playing out in her mind. Once that chore was finished she realized that her headache and nausea from a few minutes ago were gone. They obviously came as a package deal.

Kay stood up slowly in case she had another dizzy spell – which fortunately didn’t happen – and headed for the closed door. When she opened it she saw another small room, only slightly bigger than the one she had exited. There was room enough for a living area and a tiny kitchen, but not much else.

This must be one of the temporary living huts they use while on duty here, she thought. Interesting. She made her way out into the open more, keeping her attention on the room and wondering if anyone was in the house with her.

The next voice that spoke answered her question. “Glad you’re awake.”

Kay spun around, surprised to see Vector standing a few paces from her with his arms behind his back. He rocked on his feet a little, his eyes darting about and focusing on everything but her. Kay was just as uncomfortable and unintentionally mimicked his actions.

When her gaze drifted to the window and she saw the stars in the sky, however, she was on full alert again. “How long have I...?”

“Few hours,” Vector replied with a shrug. “That Master Emerald packs quite a punch, I guess, huh?”

“Yeah.” Kay looked around the room again, then asked, “Where is everyone else?”

“Oh, they’re around somewhere. Knuckles is still on the Shrine Isle.”

She nodded. “Of course.”

There was an awkward silence then while each of them searched for something to say. Finally, however, Vector sighed and said, “Kay...I realize this is about two weeks too late, but...” Here he paused to make eye contact with her for the first time that night. “I’m sorry know. With Geoffrey.”

Kay briefly recalled the misunderstanding from a couple of weeks before, when Vector had caught Geoff holding her hand after having released her from being his prisoner. Vector had mistakenly thought the two were dating, which had surprised even Espio.

She laughed once. “It’s all right. We were all pretty stressed that day.”

“I was just worried, you know,” Vector began explaining quickly. “After the concert when I couldn’t find you...I just—”

“I know.” Kay smiled reassuringly. “I’m sorry, too.”

He grinned a bit sheepishly. “So...are we good, then?”


Vector held out his hand to her. After a moment she smiled and shook it, thus ending any weirdness between them for now. She was happy he wasn’t upset with her any more. She could use all the friends she could get.

“Oh, good,” another voice said. They both turned to see Espio standing in the doorway, smiling. “You’re on your feet.”

Kay was relieved at his presence. Being away from him and the others for so long had made her forget what it was like to hang out with others simply because they could instead of having to for training. She smiled back at him and said, “Hey.”

He entered the hut and came to stand beside Vector, bowing briefly before asking, “How do you feel?”

“Just a small headache,” she replied. “I’m fine.”

After that there was another pause, during which Vector glanced back and forth between the two of them, a smile tugging at his lips. Finally he began to step away. “Well, I think I’ll leave you two alone.” On his way out he winked at Espio and nudged his arm, making the chameleon frown at him. Kay was a bit confused, but the moment passed and soon they were by themselves.

Espio turned back to her and they held each other’s gaze for a long moment before he finally spoke, breaking his normally serious demeanor when he relaxed a bit and smiled. “I’m glad you’re back.”

That did it. Kay couldn’t hold back the overwhelming amount of feelings: relief, happiness, sadness at having been away for what felt like an eternity. She rushed forward and threw her arms around him in a giant hug, savoring the moment while she could. He wrapped his arms around her as well, hugging her in return as she said, “I’m happy to be back, too.” Then she realized what she was doing and, startled, quickly pulled herself from his embrace, muttering, “Sorry.”

“It’s all right.” He cocked his head a little. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replied quickly. “I’ve just had a rough week.”

“How was your training?”

“Fine...” Kay took a moment to reflect back on her time away. “Until this morning.”

Espio looked intrigued. “Oh?”

She attempted a grin as she said, “Never ask Shadow to teach you about the Chaos Force.”

“Did he become angry with you?”

Kay nodded, remembering how her heart had pounded when he’d backed her into the wall, snarling. “I was scared to death. I thought he would hurt me for real.”

“That’s weird...even for him,” Espio said with a frown.

“I was confused, too. I’m still wondering if it was something I—”

And that’s when it hit her. The Master Emerald interrupted her speech with a memory that was not her own.

In her mind she looked through Shadow’s eyes as Maria collapsed before him, blood staining her blue dress as she reached up to him. “Please...Shadow...I need your help,” Maria gasped. “Everyone’s fate depends” With the final word she fell for the last time, and Kay heard Shadow scream her name, pounding on the glass capsule from the inside, helpless to save her.

Kay gasped out loud as she was warped back to reality, her heart racing wildly again as Maria’s words echoed in her mind. The same words Kay had spoken to Shadow earlier that day while asking for his help.

“Oh my gosh...” she whispered, tears welling up in her eyes when she realized what she had done.

Espio frowned. “What?”

The emotional transfer took its toll. Kay suddenly felt what Shadow had felt upon hearing her repeat Maria’s words that morning, and the tears came full force as she swayed on her feet. “Oh my gosh.”

Espio was at her side in an instant, holding her steady. “Whoa, easy. What’s wrong?”

“How could I have been so stupid?” Kay scolded herself, looking at him. “I didn’t realize what I was saying at the time, but now—”

“Kay.” The third new voice attracted their attention to the doorway, where Knuckles stood looking in at them. When he saw the tears running down her cheeks he frowned in confusion for a split second but quickly regained his composure and simply said, “We need to talk.”

Her focus on reality caused the emotional connection to Shadow to cut off, and instantly she was back to normal, feeling nothing now but the need to do as Knuckles said. She quickly wiped the tears from her face. “Right. Of course.” Then she glanced at Espio briefly, noticing his confused and worried expression before taking her first steps to join Knuckles outside.

Before she got too far, though, Espio grabbed her arm and whispered, “Kay, what’s going on?”

For a moment she considered explaining what she had seen right then and there, but she knew Knuckles was waiting and instead told him, “I’ll fill you in later.” For a moment Espio kept his hold on her, but he finally let her go and stood up straight again, watching her leave with concerned eyes.

Kay stepped into the warm night air of Angel Island and joined Knuckles as he began walking away from the hut, already speaking.

“I’ve been doing some reading on this Albion prophecy,” he said. “It’s been intriguing. Very informative.” But then he stopped walking and turned so he could meet her eyes. The frown on his face told her something was wrong even before he confirmed it. “You’re not going to like what I found.” 

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