Hes For Me Not For You...

i,Sarah Smith, was a normal 19 year old girl. i had a job, a awsome family,a caring boyfriend , a favorite boyband , and a modern house. That all changed..i got to meet my idol, i flew in a plane multiple times , and i got my dream house! but, was it all happening to fast?


2. The Start Of Somthing New..( part 2 )

i finnaly reached my house. No one was home...strange...i threw my dark blue coat on the couch and hung up my beanie. i was wearing a red off the shoulder shirt that said ' varsity ' across the middle in white sparkly letters , and manilla colored skinnies. i got a text on my phone.

from Luke: wanna go on a date tonight?

to Luke:sure pick me up at 7

From Luke: alright c u then

to Luke: alright bye

i ran up stairs to get ready for our date. i bowed over and threw my hair in a sisde pony. i wore a blue straplless dress with a black satin bow. i also wore black sandle-ish shoes. i ran downstairs and checked the time. 6:40. enough time to aply makeup! i ran upstairs and found my makeup. i put on light blue eyeshadow, pink lipgloss, a little mascara and a little eyeliner. Perfecto-mundo! i ran back downstairs. 6:5- nope exactly 7:00.i waited....7:19........7:43........8:00..........8:47......im so confused! was he saying that he didnt like me anymore or somthing? did he mean to send it to somone else? wait, does he have another girlfriend? UGH!! im so confused! after a while i decided to go for a walk to clear my mind..think positive Sarah, think positive... i finally arived at a near by park. i glanced in the water in the fountain. before i knew it, i was in the fountain. i could feel the freezing cold water hitting my head. i looked over to my side at the person who also fell in with me. i think they tripped or somthing. i studied the person until a pair of blue eyes met mine.'' Louis?!? '' i said suprised '' hey Sarah...erm umm i kinda tripped? '' he said sounding more like a question.that made more sense. he wouldnt have pushed me, right? he climed out of the fountain and he held his hand out to help me out.'' thanks '' i said giving him a small smile. we both got out and he asked me a question i didnt want to answer '' why are you out here? its freezing and its 9 at night '' ha asked very consirned. '' i erm.. i umm i came to clear my head? '' i said wich also sounded like a question '' why are you out here?'' i asked imitating him '' oh well..me and El got in a little fight ''  he said looking up at the sky '' awww..it will work out in the end, i promise '' i said patting his shoulder '' im fine , she the one who got all emotional. anyway...Wanna go enoy people?!? '' he asked like a little kid '' pppwwweeeaaassseee????? '' he begged. oh god he looked so cute! '' fine Mr. Tomlinson '' i said glaring at him, which was hard because i couldnt keep a straight face '' Mr. Tomlinson? '' he said furrowing his eybrows but smirking '' yes Mr. Tomlinson! '' i said shoving him lightly '' Leggo! '' he said running to the out into the park '' Louis? '' i said pretending to be mad '' yes? '' i heard him say '' im soaking wet, and im wearing a dress and high heeled sandles.. you think im gonna run? '' i said stating the obviouse. he ran back and before i knew it, he picked me up and began running. '' put me down or ill take your carrots and kill Kevin '' i said evil laughing. he stopped but i was still hung over his shoulder '' is that all you got women? '' he asked me.'' thats all i need old man! '' i said joking '' and how old are you? '' he asked '' 19! '' i said loud '' ha! your ol- aw dangit!'' he anounced to the world, well it was really loud.... '' I Win! '' i said louder than he did. '' not for long... '' he said creepy '' Louis? your scaring me.. '' i said pretending to act scared '' good! '' he said and began running again.

** hey i hope you liked it!!!! what do you think Luke did?**

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