Hes For Me Not For You...

i,Sarah Smith, was a normal 19 year old girl. i had a job, a awsome family,a caring boyfriend , a favorite boyband , and a modern house. That all changed..i got to meet my idol, i flew in a plane multiple times , and i got my dream house! but, was it all happening to fast?


3. Accidents Can Happen..but Tradgedy's Stick With You..

after Louis put me down, we were both standing under a giant Willow Tree. i looked up and you could see the bright stars beeming through the branches

'' wow '' i said leaning back on the tree. '' i know right '' Louis said smiling and and glancing at me

i turned around and faced the tree. i touched the rough and damp bark of the Willow.

'' are we gonna go annoy people now? '' asked Louis smirking at me.'' Sure Mr. Tomlinson '' i said smirkinh back. he rolled his eyes playfully and started walking. '' how are we gonna anoy people? '' i asked as i started walking towards a random neihborhood with Louis. '' This is how '' he said running '' Sing with me '' he yelled '' uh do i scream or really sing? '' i asked walking towards were he was standing. '' scream '' he said smirking again. we both looked at eachother and nodded '' I WANNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND JUMP AROUND UNTIL WE SEE THE SUN!!! I WANNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND FIND A GI-'' we got cutt off by a cop ''' exuse me kids? '' the officer asked. Louis imediatly turned around and looked at the cop '' yes? '' he asked '' have any of you seen Sarah-'' the cop scanned the paper before finishing ''-Smith? '' he eneded. '' u-um thats me '' i said walking up to him '' are you dating Luke Porter? '' asked the cop '' yes why? he kinda ditched me..'' i said looking at the ground '' and i know why '' said the cop ''y-you do? '' i askeed very suprised. '' he has been in a terrible car crash ma'm. i very sorry.. '' my eyes filled with tears. i didnt want to cry...but i did...i felt them run down my freezing cold face. i felt Louis come up from behind me and hug me. i barried my face into his chest. i felt his slow heartbeat and the steady rise and fall of his chest..'' you ok? '' he asked. i didnt answer. my whole life was ruined!!! my love of my life is in the hospital or he's dead....i didnt want to know but now that i think of it....right now im in my idols strong arms...'' L-Lou-ouis? '' i asked '' yes love? '' he said soothingly '' can you sing to me? '' i asked '' sure '' he said. he sang little things very slow and steady...his beautifull voice was perfect...before i knew it i fell asleep leaning against his warm body...

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