Hes For Me Not For You...

i,Sarah Smith, was a normal 19 year old girl. i had a job, a awsome family,a caring boyfriend , a favorite boyband , and a modern house. That all changed..i got to meet my idol, i flew in a plane multiple times , and i got my dream house! but, was it all happening to fast?


1. The Start Of Somthing New..( part 1 )

Storys Quote

roses are red violets are blue hes for me not for you if by chance you take my place ill take my fist and smash your face.

the steam from the cup rose up to my face. my fingers tingled from the warmth. i tapped my foot impatienly. when will he be here?  i asked my self finally a blonde bot with a little quiff came in the door. '' hey Sarah '' he said coming to sit down with me. '' hey '' i said smiling a little bit. he smelled like....flowers? what? huh.'' what do ya have there? '' he said pointing to my cup '' oh um pepermint swirl '' i said looking back at my cup '' sooooo... '' he said trying to start a conversation. '' sooooo...'' i said imitating him. he smiled at me. just then a pretty cute couple came in the door. the girl had brownish hair and she was wearing sunglases. the boy, i couldnt tell because he was wearing a grey beanie, but he was also wearing sunglases. they kinda looked like Louis and El , but that would be too good to be true.El is soo lucky to have a boy like Lou. '' earth to Sarah '' i heard somone say. i looked and it was Luke. Luke is my boyfrined.'' oh srry i just zoned out '' isaid looking back at him '' its ok, but i got to go ill call you later '' he said getting up and kissing me on the cheek '' oh alright, bye '' i said kinda disapointed '' bye '' he said and left. now i was alone..... i heard '' somones calling you anaswer your phone, unless you dont like them, then you can just pretend that you didnt hear m- '' i picked up my phone. the couple looked at me and the boy chuckled. '' is your refrigerator running? '' i heard my big brother Ryan say into the phone '' not funny Ryan! i know its you! '' i said rolling my eyes like he could see me. '' o snap! '' i heard him say. then the line went dead. i put my phone back down. i sipped my pepermint swirl. were do they come up with these flavors? i finished my drink and grabbed my book. when i was walking out i bumped into the boy of the couple '' omg im soo sorry! '' i said. '' thats alright love, im Louis nice to meet you '' he said putting his hand out '' T-T-Tomlins-son? '' i said shaky '' shhhh '' he said very quietly '' dont tell love '' he said '' i-im Sarah '' i said shaky again '' nice to meet you Sarah '' '' you too '' i said '' see you later love '' he said and walked away. holy fudge i just me THE LOUIS TOMLINSON!!  well i think..... i should`have asked for a picture! danget...i adjusted my dark blue beanie , and fixed my brown curls. i walked outside and started to walk home. i tripped on a tiny pebble. but didnt fall over.i looked around. wow. London was beautifull!

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