Louis's Happily Ever After

Louis Tomlinson has had a crush on a beautiful girl named Eleanor. He finally has the courage to ask her out. She instantly falls in love with him but doesntr tell him. Does this turn into trouble or happiness? Well find out in my 2nd story called Louis's Happily Ever After!


11. Tour

Niall's POV

Today was the day we started the tour. Danielle, Perrie, Jenna, Melanie, Cecelia, and Eleanor were coming with us. On the plane it was Danielle and Liam, Perrie and Zayn, Eleanor and Louis. Jenna and Harry. Cecelia with me. Melanie was sitting alone. She didn't want to sit with Harry. Melanie is from Ohio. We were dropping her off on our way to Arizona. We were playing there first. Josh comes up and sits down on the floor in front of me. "Nialler Paul just said that tonight you can play the guitar. Or Cecelia can it doesn't matter. The guitarist is sick." "Cecelia can do it." "Im doing what now?" she said. I thought she was asleep. "You are going to be playing the guitar tonight." she nodded and got up to go somewhere. Josh sat in her seat. "So we almost there?" "No man we got like 3 more hours." I nodded. We started talking. We were talking about tonight. What we were going to start off with tonight. Then Paul and came over with the other boys. "Boys tonight we will be starting with Kiss you, Little Things, Heart Attack, Rock Me, Change My Mind, They Don't Know About Us, and we will end with Live While We're Young." we nodded and he went back to his seat. Harry went back to Jenna. Liam went back to Danielle. Louis went back to Eleanor and Josh just sat here. Cecelia came back. I had her sit on my lap because Josh was in her seat. She was so small and light. She fell asleep. She didn't sleep right since the plane incident.

We got to Arizona after dropping of Melanie. We went into the Music Hall to set up. It was already 7:00 p.m by time we got done rehearsing. We start in 30 minutes. We all got ready. We heard all the people out there. The boys and I started jumping around because we were going on in 2 minutes. We heard the drums start. Which meant 1 minute. The guitar started. Time to go on.

Liam's POV

We went on and sang all of our songs except for the last one. This is the time we start answering questions from Twitter. Some were about Perrie, Cecelia, and Gemma. We answered truthfully. For the ones about Cecelia we had her come down from her stand. She answered and walked back. While we were sing LWWY people were throwing things on stage like Toy Story stuff, Guitar picks, and toy cats. We finished the song and ran off stage. Danny ran up and kissed me. I kissed her back. The same with Louis. El ran up and kissed him. Jenna hugged Harry. Cecelia and Josh came off stage. Josh with Drum Sticks. Cecelia with the guitar and her pick. "Good job guys." Paul said. This was the start of the tour. So far it was going well. Lets just hope nothing happens.

Louis's POV

Eleanor made a good point on the plane. We should have our wedding during the tour. The reason why is because Cecelia has Irish Prep when we get back. We didn't tell her yet. I got the call because im the oe who went with her to apply. We were going to tell her on her birthday. Tomorrow. Im going to have Eleanor tell her tonight. "El why don't you tell her now." she nodded. Her and Cecelia went into my dressing room and talked.

Eleanor's POV

"Cecelia Louis got a call 3 weeks ago. Cecelia you were accepted into Irish Prep!" she screamed and hugged me. She ran out and hugged Louis and the rest of the boys. But then she got all sad and went into Niall's dressing room.

Niall's POV'

Cecelia was so happy and then went sad and ran into my dressing room. Louis went in to talk to her.

Cecelia's POV

I was happy I got accepted but after I applied Louis made a good point. He didn't realize I grabbed his phone before I ran in here. He tried to get in. "Hang on!" I called the lady. "Hi this is Cecelia Horan. Yes um I am calling regarding my acception to the school. I would like to deny it. I cant leave. Im so sorry. "That is okay Cecelia. We get a lot of calls about this. The reason why is because people are scared. Its not scary I promise." "No ma'am. Um I am starting my career so I cant leave." "Okay thank you for telling me." I hung up. I let Louis in and gave his phone back. "What happened?" "Louis is denied my acception. Im starting my career when I get back. Simon said I don't have to audition for X-Factor. I just have to go to boot camp. That's why I cant go." he nodded and left. Niall came in and we talked about the X-Factor until we were leaving. I just have to get through Louis's wedding, the tour, and ill be good. I am not nervous. I am going to try my hardest on the show. I can do this. Hopefully.

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