Louis's Happily Ever After

Louis Tomlinson has had a crush on a beautiful girl named Eleanor. He finally has the courage to ask her out. She instantly falls in love with him but doesntr tell him. Does this turn into trouble or happiness? Well find out in my 2nd story called Louis's Happily Ever After!


15. The Wedding

Louis's POV

The tour was over and today was the wedding. I was so happy yet nervous. I stood on the alter waiting for Eleanor. Out came the flower girl. Lux. She put flowers everywhere. Next were the bridesmaids. Now the Maid of Honor. Now it was Eleanor's turn. She walked down the aisle. She was so pretty. Paul was in the front row. We told him 2 months ago about the wedding. He was mad but happy for us. Eleanor got to the alter. The ceremony began.

Cecelia's POV

I was wearing pink. I hated pink. Eleanor and Louis wanted it. I was okay with pink. A dress. Ugh hated them. Oh well. The ceremony just got over and we were at the reception. Everyone was congratulating Lou and El. Then most of them sat down because Liam had an announcement. Uh oh. Please say him and Danielle aren't getting married. I have 3 months till I have Boot- Camp. "Please congratulate Cecelia for making it to Boot- Camp with her band. One Way." they all applauded. I was embarrassed. Liam called me up on the stage. Taylor and Abby were here. Liam called all of us on stage. He wanted us to sing. We asked what song. " Sing Kids In America." I nodded. We sang the song and everyone was happy. Were we that good?



Today was Boot-Camp. Taylor and Abby were at my side. Actually today was reveal of Boot-Camp. "There is only one group that is making it from this group." Simon said. "That is One Way!" we started crying because we were so happy. We walked off stage and hugged each other. I called Eleanor. "El we made it past Boot-Camp!" she was so happy. She told everyone else. Except Niall. I told her  I would tell him.

We just got into the X-Factor house. It was huge. I called Niall and told him. He was happy. I had to go un pack. We were having such a good time. I just want to make it to the finals.

*Weeks passed*

It was the final day. Finally. We made it every week with out being in the bottom 2. The other two people were. It was scary. They were about to announce the winner. "The winners are......."

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