Louis's Happily Ever After

Louis Tomlinson has had a crush on a beautiful girl named Eleanor. He finally has the courage to ask her out. She instantly falls in love with him but doesntr tell him. Does this turn into trouble or happiness? Well find out in my 2nd story called Louis's Happily Ever After!


3. Louis and Eleanor

I woke up to have several texts from El. "Louis I want to talk to you." I responded "Okay. When? Where? Why?" "At noon. Nandos. Ill tell you when you get here." she responded. "Okay." I said. I got in the shower. I got out and got dressed. I headed to Nandos. When I got there I looked in through the window and saw Eleanor at a table. "So what do you want to talk about." "I was thinking we can take things more seriously." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You do?" "Yes. Well it depends on if you want to." I nodded my head and kissed her. It was the most romantic kiss I have ever had in my life.

Zayn's POV

I woke up to have a bunch of missed calls. They were from my best friend Cassidy. We have been friends since the 1st grade. I had secret feelings for her. But I just started dating Perrie so I didn't want to ruin it. I called her back. She picked up on the 3rd ring. "ZAYN!!!!!" I think she just burst my eardrums. "Hey babe what's up?" I asked. "Zayn you wanna hang out today?" " Sure. I have nothing else to do since Perrie is on tour." I said. "Okay. Zayn meet me at Nandos in 15 minutes." I said okay and hung up. I got dresses in under 4 minutes. I went into the bathroom and put my hair in a quiff. I left the house and got in my car.

*at Nandos*

I walked into Nandos to see Cassidy staring at something in the other booth. When I sat down I saw who it was. I t was Louis. And Eleanor. Snogging. I laughed which got Eleanor to scream. I laughed so hard because Louis fell out of the booth. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ZAYN?" he yelled at me. "Hhahaha. I am here with my friend. What are you doing here besides snogging you FRIEND!?" "Zayn we are dating now!" I didn't know that. I just nodded. They left 2 minutes later. They went into Eleanor's car and started talking. "So Cassidy what's up?" "The sky." I laughed. She always said that. "Haha so Cassidy I want to ask you something." "Yes Zayn?" "Cassidy if I could I would but If I asked you to be my girlfriend......" "YES!!!!!" I didn't even have to finish the sentence. "Well Cassidy I am only asking in case me and Perrie break up." "I know Zayn." I nodded. We ordered food and ate. We ended up heading to the movie theatres. We went and saw Paranormal Activity 4.


*After movie*

We left the theatre and headed back to my car. I dropped her off at her house and then went home. What a fun night.

Louis's POV

After that little mishap with Zayn El invited me over her house. We watched Dear John. I have to admit that it was a good movie. Eleanor said that it was 3:30 in the morning. The reason it is that late is because we spent most of the night kissing. I kissed her for about a good 2 minutes before I said I was gonna go. She smiled and then hugged me. I left. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!

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