Louis's Happily Ever After

Louis Tomlinson has had a crush on a beautiful girl named Eleanor. He finally has the courage to ask her out. She instantly falls in love with him but doesntr tell him. Does this turn into trouble or happiness? Well find out in my 2nd story called Louis's Happily Ever After!


17. Hopes

We rushed to the hospital. I couldn't believe this happened to Jenna. Perrie was with Zayn. Danielle was with Liam in the café. Cecelia, Eleanor, and Louis were somewhere. Niall was with me. We waited for a doctor to come out. We were very nervous. Liam and Danielle came back with cups of coffee. Zayn and Perrie just got back. Louis and the others still hadn't come back and we were getting nervous. We heard laughing. They turned the corner. They had smiles on like they had been told something. "Guys whats going on?" Louis came over. "Dude Jenna is going to be okay. And Simon said we are going on the tour soon so we wanted to say......here is Jenna!" Jenna walked out with a bandage on her arm. Wait she was in this room wasn't she? I guess not. She ran over to me and we kissed. I think she really loved me. I loved her a lot. "Jenna your okay!" she nodded. We hugged.

Louis's POV

We just got back to our flats. Yay. Cecelia and her band had to go to rehersals. We start the tour in a week. Everyone was coming. Even Jenna. We thought of bringing Lux but we couldn't. So we started getting packed when we heard the door open. It then closed. No one walked through the door. I looked out the peep hole. It was Cecelia, Taylor, and Abby. They were talking. I put my ear to the door. "Guys I don't know. What if the tour isn't what we think it will be. I have been on a couple tours but trust me it gets harsh." Cecelia said. She looked at them. The had the same look on their face as her. They nodded and turned to come in. I ran into my room tripping on my suitcase. I was laughing. I ran into Eleanor. She fell to the ground. We were laughing. Then Harry came in and said "Louis why were you spying on Cecelia and the girls?" El looked at me. I looked shocked. I didn't know Harry was watching. "Um well I heard the door open and then close and no one come in. So I decided to look who it was. They were talking so I listened." "What were they talking about?" I looked at them. Cecelia would hate me if I told them. Oh well. "They were talking about Liam. They want to get Liam to propose to Danielle." they nodded. "Okay lets not say anything. HARRY!" he nodded. We walked out of the room. I put my arm around Eleanor's waist. We sat down on the sofa. "Hey guys what's up?" Zayn asked. "Nothing. Waiting to order food." he nodded and went into his room. Oh well. More for us. I just hope Cecelia didn't find out I was listening on their conversation.

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