Louis's Happily Ever After

Louis Tomlinson has had a crush on a beautiful girl named Eleanor. He finally has the courage to ask her out. She instantly falls in love with him but doesntr tell him. Does this turn into trouble or happiness? Well find out in my 2nd story called Louis's Happily Ever After!


4. Harrys New Girl

Harry's POV

I woke up to have my friend calling me. Her name was Melanie. I loved her. "YES MELANIE!" I screamed. She came over and kissed me. "Melanie what was that for?" "I LOVE YOU!" "I love you too!" I guess we were dating. We kissed again. I loved her. I guess she had the same feelings for me.

Niall's POV

I woke up to have the smell of McDonalds in my room. I laughed because Liam and Cecelia was jumping on my bed. "Guys .......FOOD!!!!!!" we went in the kitchen. We sat down and ate. Cecelia was going to the mall with Danielle and Eleanor. She got finished and went and got dressed. She came out with black jeans and her Ireland cheer team shirt. She went to the door and Danielle was there. Eleanor just came in and sat down. They stayed at the flat for a good 10 minutes before they left. After they left we turned on the tv to see the news was on. "And now some celebrity news. Over to our girl on the spot." "Thank you. Now some news. One Direction is leaving London School to start their tour in 2 days. Louis Tomlinson was spotted kissing Ms. Eleanor Calder. Harry Styles has just tweeted he has a new girlfriend named Melanie." we looked over at Harry who had his friend Melanie or should I say girlfriend Melanie sitting next to him. He smiled and turned back to the tv. "And that is all for Celebrity News." we turned the tv off and took turns for a shower. Me, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry.


Liam's POV

I got out of the shower to see the boys gone. Then suddenly Zayn rushes into the bathroom. I looked in all our rooms. They were all in their own rooms. Niall in ours. Harry with Melanie in Louis and Harry's room. And Louis in Zayn's room. Why was he alone. I walked in the room and asked him. "Louis why are you in here alone?" "Because im talking to Eleanor on the phone." he quieted me and had me leave. I walked into my room and sat on my bed. Niall was playing his guitar. "Niall are you sometimes happy you are single?" "No. Liam its lonely out here in the single world. But im just waiting for my princess." I nodded. Right then I heard the front door close. Harry came in. "Hey guys" he said "what's up?" "Nothing. Just sitting here. Who left? Melanie?" "Yeah. She had to go because she had to go to work." we nodded. "HARRY IM DONE!!!!!" Zayn yelled. Zayn walked in and Harry left. Louis walked in. "Eleanor is gonna stay for dinner. Is that okay?" "Yeah. So is Danielle." Right then Harry's phone started ringing. "Hello?" Niall picked up. "Okay bye Gemma." "What was that?" " Gemma is coming over later because her and Cecelia are going back to Ireland to spend time with my family." we nodded.

Zayn's POV

I really missed Perrie but I had some feelings for Cassidy. My phone rang. "Hello?" it was Perrie. What was I going to say? "Hey babe. So how is the tour going.?" "Good babe. I just miss you." "Yeah I miss you too. When you coming home?" "TODAY!" I was happy. "Really babe? When ill meet you. Where?" "Slow down babe. Im coming home  in like 2 hours. Meet me at the airport. I love you babe. Got to get on the plane. See ya soon." "Okay babe. See ya soon." I hung up the phone and told the boys. The said okay. I went in my room and started getting ready. I texted Cassidy saying that Perrie was coming home. She didn't answer. What was up?


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