Louis's Happily Ever After

Louis Tomlinson has had a crush on a beautiful girl named Eleanor. He finally has the courage to ask her out. She instantly falls in love with him but doesntr tell him. Does this turn into trouble or happiness? Well find out in my 2nd story called Louis's Happily Ever After!


16. Finally

"The winners are......." the announcer said. Simon was our coach. He stood between us. "ONE WAY!" We screamed. We were so happy. We jumped up and down. They replayed our auditions. Of course mine wasn't up there. I auditioned in Simon's office when Liam pushed me into his office. They had all of our days that we recorded on here. It was amazing. The video ended and we had to sing our final song. We sang our first song together in front of people. Kids In America. Little did we know that One Direction was here. On the chorus they came out singing. Simon's idea. We hugged them.

Zayn's POV

The girls won. We were happy. We remember when we were in the back that we wouldn't get to see them in a while. They would be going on tour. But we remembered that they would be going home for a certain time.  After the song we went into the back and waited till the end of the show. When the girls came into the back Cecelia ran over to Niall. They haven't seen each other for a really long time. They hugged for a while. Cecelia brought back someone. Demi Lovato. Niall fancied her. "Niall you know who this is." she said. He nodded. Demi and Niall went off talking for a while. Abby and Taylor went home. It was about 11.:00. Niall came back. Apparently Demi was talking to him about One Way.

We got back to Niall's Flat. We walked in. Cecelia didn't even bother unpacking her things. Tomorrow we were heading back to Ireland for a week. Then Cecelia would have to go and record for a while. The girls wanted this so bad. Cecelia got a call. We figured it was Simon. And we were right. She came out happy. Liam got a call.

Liam's POV

Simon was calling me. I walked into Cecelia's room. "Hello?" "Hello Liam. Get the other boys on too." I got the boys. "Okay boys. Listen. What do you think of going on tour with One Way?" "YES" we screamed. I wondered why we wanted to so badly. Oh well. So we were going on tour with One Way. We heard Cecelia pick up her phone and then we heard a big bang. We ran out to see Cecelia's phone on the ground and her gone. Where did she go? The front door didn't open. We were so confused. We heard screaming on the other end of the phone. I picked up the phone. "Hello?" I said nervously. I looked around. None of the girls were here. "If you want to see your precious friends again have Harry come to 436 Maple ave. He has 2 hours. ALONE!" and they hung up the phone. We looked at Harry. He nodded and left. He was going to 436 Maple ave.

Harry's POV

I walked down to the street. I went to the house to see a sign that said 'Police Tape'. The cops were there. Did it take 2 hours to get here? Out came a cop with Melanie in cuffs. She looked at me and smiled. She got what she wanted. I saw 4 girls walk out. Cecelia, Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie. Crying. Where is Jenna? I saw a stretcher rushing out. Cecelia came over and hugged me. Jenna had been shot just as the cops arrived. I started to cry. What was I going to do?

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