Jenna's sister Makenna loves One Direction. She forces her sister to go to a signing of theirs. Jenna ends up going but waits in the car only because she hates One Direction. But Jenna can be stubborn at times. Her sister starts taking a while so Jenna gives her a call and realizes she left her phone in the call. She decided to leave and go to the signing. When she goes to the back door the door opens and hits her first. Who will that person be? Will the person be someone special? Will she learn something from them? Find out in 'Lovestruck'!


3. Just for Tonight


Jenna’s POV

“So tell me about yourself” harry asked nicely. Then looking back at the road.

“Not much to share” I replied back.

“C’mon love”

“Don’t c’mon love me! I don’t have to tell you anything”

But before he could reply we were at the clinics to check out the bump on my head. According to Harry. He even held the door for me.

“Miss.Roberts here is the icepack for your head. It might just be a little cold. Now nothing’s wrong just a little bump. It should be gone in four to five days depending on. ”

“Okay thank you” I said back. Harry and I were just sitting there in an awkward silence while I was holding the ice pack to my forehead. The doctor said to just sit there for about ten minutes with the ice pack on.

“Okay Miss.Roberts you are now free to go. Be careful.” Then Harry and I left.


“You can drop me off at 87 Richmond Drive and then I won’t ever have to see you again.”

“Harsh much” he pretended to look hurt and put his hand to his heart.

“Ha ha very funny” I replied back.

Harry offered to open my door for me which I rejected. Then we both went in the car and Harry started driving.

“So are you gonna tell me why you hate me soo much and even my best mates?” he asked with a smirk.

“Who said I hated you” I replied back returning that smirk of his.

“Like I can’t tell. I try to get to know you and your all like ‘Not much to share’.” He replied back trying to sound like me.

“I don’t talk like that.” I said back.

“C’mon relax  just joking with you. See that’s your problem you need to loosen up” he said back.

“Ohh so you think you know me?”

“Yea I think I do” he replied confidently back. “Ohh no paparazzi”

“Ohh great just what I needed.”

“Look it’s okay were here” he said. Finally.

“Jenna, do you mind if I stay because of the paparazzi and all. It’s just going to cause drama. Just for tonight” he asked looking at me with those green eyes.

“Harry I-” he cut me off

“Just for tonight”

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