Jenna's sister Makenna loves One Direction. She forces her sister to go to a signing of theirs. Jenna ends up going but waits in the car only because she hates One Direction. But Jenna can be stubborn at times. Her sister starts taking a while so Jenna gives her a call and realizes she left her phone in the call. She decided to leave and go to the signing. When she goes to the back door the door opens and hits her first. Who will that person be? Will the person be someone special? Will she learn something from them? Find out in 'Lovestruck'!


1. Intro


Jenna’s POV

Hello! I’m Jenna Roberts. I have light brown goldish-y hair and bright green eyes. I live in Miami, Florida. I also just turned eighteen. Although in not one of those show off slutty girls. I’m just a normal girl who just enjoys time reading and listening to music. When I got to school im literally the only girl who doesn’t like one direction. This year I have prom coming up and no guy has still yet to ask me. I understand though. I’m also the type of person that doesn’t care that much. Sadly I have to go to this signing and it’s for One Direction. I hate them with a passion. Their just these people who are in love and full of themselves and their life. Where tons of girls love them and are all over them where there rich and famous and all. Do I care, no. so I’m just gonna be waiting in the car while she gets her moment of them.

“JENNA ARE YOU READY TO GO?” my sister yelled from the door.

“YEA IM COMING” I said back and went to her. Well I got to go now, but unfortunately not looking forward to this. Byee.

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