Pendragon Poetry

A collection of poems based off the Pendragon book series by D. J. Machale!


1. All Ten

A/N: This is a summarization (POINT!) of all 10 books! Warning: spoilers, each book is in order by stanzas.

On Denduron
Pendragon fell upon
Some tak and a fat queen

On Cloral
The moral
Was to find the city, unseen

On First Earth
Gunny proved his worth
Blew up the LZ-129

Had problems, lots
Lifelight wasn't fine

On Eelong
They did something wrong
Acolytes shouldn't flume

Zadaa's slaughter
Was over water
Until the Kidik Ocean made room

The Quillan Games
Brought lots of fame
The Revival had to go back

The dado fight
Showed Ibara's might
With lots of tak

Naymeer's Ravinia
Caused schizophrenia
Second Earth was in strife

Third Earth was the last
The battle was not fast
But Halla turned out good in the end
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