youre safe now ellianna (1d fanfic)

" ELLIANNA!" ''be strong Ellianna" "ELLIANNA!".............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Ellianna is only six. she got abused.



9. Six Flags

Gabis POV

I was amazed when Alexis came and picked us up. She had to carry Bianca up to the bus and onto a couch.

"Bianca," She said shaking Bianca. "Bianca wake up,"

"Hmmm....." Bianca groaned.

"Bianca were not on the streets anymore." I said.

"So were back in the orphanage?" She said her eyes still closed. 

UGH. I hated when she wouldnt just take a look around. But she was my little sister so I had to deal.

" Does it sound like an orphanage" Alexis said. 

"ALEXIS!" Of course she wakes up when she hears Alexis voice. "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too." Alexis said kissing her head.

Its been forever since we've seen her. 

"We'll be at Six Flags in about 45 minutes. Start getting ready." Liam said. 

"Okay. Ellie! Come here!"

"What?" She rolled out of the room.

"I have outfits for you guys." 

She pulled out a white loose shirt and a pale blue skirt with black leggings and black flats for Ellianna. She rolled out of the room and got changed. For Bianca she pulled out a yellow off shouder shirt with a silvr kiss mark in the middle, Light grey skinny jeans and vellow vans. She as well went and got changed. For me she pulled out a hot pink plaid button up long sleeve and silver jeans with hot pink converse. I went and got changed. I had to help Ellianna with her leggings. And Bianca with her vans, and with her bra because the shirt would show the corner and her strap. 



Ellianna- AGE:6  HAIR: brown and medium  EYES: Hazel

Alexis- AGE:16 HAIR: blond with light brown underneath and long  EYES:green

Gabi- AGE:15 HAIR: light brown and very long  EYES: green/brown

Bianca- AGE: 12 HAIR: dirty blond curly and long EYES: blue


Thanks now back to the story!


Elliannas POV

We were all ready in about 10 minutes. We still had about 30 minutes till we got there so Alexis was doing Biancas hair, Bianca was doing Gabis hair, and Gabi was doing my hair. Dad was cleaning my stitches. I got used to it now. It only took about 10 minutes to do our hair so Gabi went and did Alexis hair. My hair was half up half down and curled. Biancas was in a low braid and some hair was a little out and crimped. Gabis was half up in  a ballet bun and the bottom was curled. Alexis was down with a braid in the middle and her hair was crimped. Alexis hair took only 10 minutes so we sat and watched tv for 15 minutes while the driver found a parking spot.

We wouldnt have a problem getting mobbed today or thuresday because Zayn called yesterday and reserved the park for 8 hours. We got in and Bianca ran to the snack hut. She came back with 9 churros and 8 cokes. She bought me a sprite because i still cant drink dark sodas. There were other people there but I guess they only let a few people in other than us. 

I was in my wheel chair and my crutches sat beside me and I needed to hold them. Bianca was pushing me and Alexis had Gabi on her back. Louis took a picture of us and posted it on twitter. 

"Well what should we do?" Liam asked.

"Well Eleanor is going to be here soon. Oh by the way she is comming with us this month and to Miami with us. So we could go  on a ride or two." Louis said.

"Viper! Lets go on Viper!" Gabi said. Gabi loved roller coasters and that was the first thing she saw on the map.

We went to the line and we only waited for like a minute and we were on the cart. I got the front cart! Harry didnt go because he was waiting for Eleanor and because he was being a baby.

I sat with Gabi, Alexis and Bianca were behind us, then Zayn and Liam, then Louis and Dad. 

As soon as the ride started moving Louis screamed "OH MY GOSH IM GOING TO DIE!" 

 "You idiot were barely going up!" Zayn shouted to him. 

I grabbed Gabis hand and she looked at me and said," you ready baby girl?"

I nodded. Once it started going back down Bianca and Alexis started screaming. Me and Gabi just started laughing. 

After we got off the ride I had a headache for two reasons. 1 because Louis kept screaming that he was gonna die. And 2 because whenever we went upside down I would hit my head on the back of the cart. 


Biancas POV

Once Eleanor came we went on Apocalypse, Colossus,  Tatsu, X2, Goliath, Scream and Road Runner Express. My favorite was Tatsu. It felt like I was flying! 

We went to the store and bought stuff. I got a stuffed animal and so did Ellie. Gabi got a shirt and Alexis got a bracelet. I have no idea what the boys bought.

Eleanor was so pretty. I was really happy when Louis said she was coming with us on tour with them.

Oh, and did I tell you theyre engaged now?

Louis proposed to her while we were in line for X2. He didnt ride because Eleanor didnt want to go on. Liam left and snuck off and video taped it behind a bush.

We already knew he was going to propose but we didnt wanna get too excited because if she said no.

 But she said YES!

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