Love is blind

I'm a blind girl, I know nothing about the world. People stares at me cause they know I can´t see, but I can hear and I can feel.
Nobody loves me cause I'm blind, but no one takes the time to get to know me.
Until I met him. Niall you do have a pure heart. I can feel it.


1. Prologue

I am blind, can not see anything. I am a blind woman who sees with her soul. Sometimes when I sleep I can see things that have not happened, things to come. 
I didn´t find out until I was 19.
19 long years without knowing of my ability.
I am blind and happy but happier because I'm in love. I can´t see his face but when I touch him I know he's beautiful Gosh! Yes, I'm in love. 
I imagine his blue eyes as beautiful as the color of the sky,blonde hair as the light irradiated by the sun.
And although my eyes can´t see, my soul loves love forever.
So I trust him blindly, literally. I find that I will be operated, see again. 
Time has passed, he is with me and when I open my eyes I can confirm, Gosh! Yes, I am in love, he's handsome, as I imagined him.

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