Love is blind

I'm a blind girl, I know nothing about the world. People stares at me cause they know I can´t see, but I can hear and I can feel.
Nobody loves me cause I'm blind, but no one takes the time to get to know me.
Until I met him. Niall you do have a pure heart. I can feel it.


2. It was as if I had found something that I never lost.


I'm walking down the street with Spike, Spike is my little dog. I'm listening intently all the sounds around me, especially that beautiful symphony out of those little creatures we call birds.   It is a day like any other, something I need, I have lived many years without seeing, and I am aware that the view is not necessary for my happiness, but I can not help but notice that there's a part of me that is empty, is that feeling you get when falling from a roller coaster, but steady. A void that I find so strange decipher because it's there.   I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I forget where I was, I make my travels thanks to what I have memorized, cause when I lose my concentration I'm like a compass out of control, and I don´t know in what direction I should go.    I take a deep breath and tell to spike "let´s go back home Spike" he star walking. It is then, when I´m turning to go home I collided with someone. I can differentiate that this person is much taller than me.    2Hey! Are you okay? Sorry was not paying attention." he says   I simply carried away by the sound of his voice. His voice was something I had never heard, was so sweet and it was impossible not to feel peace with just listening to it.   It was as if I had found something that I never lost.


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