CyberBullying (Niall Horan Not Famous)

I don't understand why everyone hates me so much. I didn't do anything to any of them. Yet, they constantely pick on me, call me names, and make me doubt myself. Everyday, a new word is added to my vocabulary. Every word, every sentence, it leaves a scar on me. I don't feel the need to try, talk, or even breath. Maybe they won.... Maybe I am just the loser they make me out to be....


1. Note To My Beautiful Readers!

Hello Everyone. Well I'm starting this new story, and I'm really hoping you'll like it. In this story there will be many cases of bullying, and talks of suicide and anything up that alley. I don't want to offend anyone while writing this so that's why I'm telling you guys now.

If you or anyone out there is fighting against any form of bullying, please speak up. Tell someone about it. Trust me, it may seem hard at first, but after, you will feel so much better. If you ever need to talk, I'm sure there are people out there willing to listen. Just keep your head up, and things will get better.

Just remember everyone out there is beautiful in their own way. No matter what any one says, there are people who care, and love you. Don't let someone bring you down. Someone is always there to help.

I LOVE you guys! Stay safe! and Stay Strong!

Love you with all my heart!
Stay beautiful!

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