CyberBullying (Niall Horan Not Famous)

I don't understand why everyone hates me so much. I didn't do anything to any of them. Yet, they constantely pick on me, call me names, and make me doubt myself. Everyday, a new word is added to my vocabulary. Every word, every sentence, it leaves a scar on me. I don't feel the need to try, talk, or even breath. Maybe they won.... Maybe I am just the loser they make me out to be....


8. Chapter 6:

-Alex's P.O.V-


After the game, Ashley and I walked back to the car full from all the candy we ate. She was talking, but I wasn't paying much attention. My mind was busy thinking of ways to get Niall's attention. If someone as easy as Natalie can get Niall's attention, then why can't I? "Alex?" Ashley asks breaking into my thoughts. "Huh?" I question buckling myself in. Her shoulder slump down and she looks at me irritatedly. "What?" I laugh at her.
  "I just asked you if you wanted to sleepover, but obviously you're not paying much attention to me.." She trails off starting the car. I roll my window down, watching all the people leave the game. That's when I see Niall walk with his friends again, but with Natalie under his arm. I feel my heart break over and over again. 

Ashley notices me staring and follows my gaze. Once she sees, she looks at me sympathetically, "I'm sorry booface. Maybe it's just a sign...." I snap my head away from the window and glare at her, "What do you mean a sign?" She puts her hands up in defense. "Hey don't get all snippy, I'm just saying. Maybe this is for the best."

 I grab the car handle and throw the door open. I buckle myself before jumping out of the car full of anger. How can she be fully on board with my Niall crush one minute, then the next she's against it? You don't do that! "Alex... Get back in the car.." Ashley says pleadingly. I keep walking not looking back. My feet keep carrying me down to the gates of the field. My hands are balled into fists. As I'm walking I hear a car driving next to me. 

"Seriously Alex?" Ashley asks with the windows rolled down. "Yeah. Seriously." I say bitterly keeping my pace up. Maybe I was overreacting about this, but a true friend wouldn't say that. They would be fully supportive the entire time, no matter how out of this world it is. I know I don't have have a chance with Niall, but it would be nice to imagine it. "Alex. I'm sorry, get in the car. Please." Ashley begs again, continuing to drive slowly next to me. I look over at her, seeing her face makes me calm down. I relax my fists, and take a deep breath. "Thank you.." Ashley says with a small smile. I shrug, walking over to the passenger side door, opening it and getting in.

Once we're both in the car, it's silent. Like an awkward silence. It was really tense right now, and I know that's my fault. But I'm not apologizing for it. "So do you still wanna sleepover?" Ashley asks randomly with a smile. I try to hold in a laugh while looking out the window. "Come on.. You know you want to.." She jokes jabbing her elbow into my side. A giggle finally escapes my lips, "Fine fine... Yeah I want to!" We both cheer in excitement and continue on our merry way back to my place, like nothing happened. This is one of the reasons I love Ashley.


"So do you think they're actually together?" I ask Ashley as I'm scrolling down my Twitbook page on her laptop. We're both sitting in her room, watching The Notebook. Another movie that makes me want to go die on a hole with other forever alones. "I doubt it. Niall wouldn't stoop that low!" She laughs throwing a piece of popcorn in her mouth. I nod, continuing to scroll through. All these pictures were added from the game tonight. One picture in particular caught my eye, it wasn't of Niall or Natalie. But... Of Ashley and I. 

"Hey ash... Come here..." I say looking at the picture questionably. Ashley crawls over from the floor and onto the bed, "Yeah?" I simply point to the screen. We both state at the screen. I see who posted the picture and of course it was one of Natalie's little followers. 

'Look at the little loners at the game xD'

I continue staring at the picture feeling my face flush. The picture got over fifteen likes. "That bitch.." Ashley mutters grabbing the laptop from me. "Ash.. Please don't say anything.." I practically ally beg as I watch her type furiously. She stops suddenly, "We can't justly her do that!" "But we can't antagonize it!" I reason taking the laptop out of her hands. I click on the the thumbs up to see who liked the photo. I was looking for one person in particular, and thankfully his name was not one of them. My heart stopped eating so fast once I realized Niall didn't like the photo.

Ashley moves ac to the floor, now watching the movie with a scowl. I on the other hand have a few ideas how we can get back at them, without actually responding...

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