CyberBullying (Niall Horan Not Famous)

I don't understand why everyone hates me so much. I didn't do anything to any of them. Yet, they constantely pick on me, call me names, and make me doubt myself. Everyday, a new word is added to my vocabulary. Every word, every sentence, it leaves a scar on me. I don't feel the need to try, talk, or even breath. Maybe they won.... Maybe I am just the loser they make me out to be....


6. Chapter 4:

 -Alex's P.O.V-

  Ashley and I are still seated in my room starring at the screen. "I can't breath...", I gasp out. Niall actually sent ME a request. He knows I'm alive! That's an accomplishment! "Alex, calm down!", Ashley laughs standing up from my bed. I just stare at the screen. How can I calm down? The guys I've had major feelings for, since the 5th grade knows I exist! Plus, he's popular and still sent me one. I just don't see how this could be happening right now. Unless....

  "It was probably a dare...", I sigh, sliding the laptop away from me. Ashley turns to face me with a frown on her lips. "Don't say that! You always bring yourself down. He sent you a friend request, just be happy!" "I am! It's just.... It doesn't seem possible". She sighs while walking around my room. It's nothing much. It's normal sized, blue walls, posters covering the walls, and one big desk in the corner. It's my sanctuary basically. "You still have this?"

  I look up to see Ashley smiling. I then notice the stuffed monkey in her hands. A smile immediately crosses my face. My little monkey. "Of course. It's the one thing that keeps my fantasies going...", I say dreamily. Ashley laughs, laying back down on my bed, monkey still in her hands. "Little monkey.... You know, you were never good at carnival games". "Oh shut up!", I hit her arm, "It's not my fault I'm not trained in the art of ball throwing!". 

  We both laugh when a car door slams shut. Mum. I look out the window, and there she is. Striding towards the front door in her black suit and heels. She works at a office building downtown. I'm not exactly sure what she does, but whatever it is she loves it. "Looks like I gotta go. Bye boo! See you tomorrow!", Ashley announces exiting my room. "Bye boo!". I'm then left alone in my room. I hear shuffling from downstairs, mum probably getting stuff out of the fridge. 

  I throw myself back on my bed and scroll through my wall. I see I've gotten a few more friend requests, so I accept them. Soon enough I think I got most of the school on my friend list, which surprises me. I keep scrolling, seeing some girls comments. Most of which were pointless. Is this really how people spend their time after school? I roll my eyes before continuing my scrolling. I then see Niall posted something.

  'Excited bout the football game! Who's all going! (;'

  I was tempted to like his status, but I thought twice. I better not push my luck for the day. Plus, I wasn't even going to the football game. So, it would be lying. Soon later his status gained over twenty likes in less then four minutes. I guess those are the perks of being popular. Then a comment was added to the status. I click on it. It's from Natalie.

   I roll my eyes just at her name. She's a cheerleader bitch, who thinks she's all that. I honestly don't see the big deal about her. She's not even nice. How does she have friends... The world may never know.

'See you there babe (;'

My heart drops instantly. Are they together? No, the whole school would've known if they were. So that means she's just hopelessly trying to flirt with like the other 80% of the girls at our school. Nothing to worry about.... For now. I log out and run, well stumble, over to my closet. I pull out skinny jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and black converse. "Mum!", I tell through the house. I start jumping around my room trying to pull my shoes on. "What?!", she hollers back. 

"I'm going to the game tonight! Can I have some money?!".

Yep I'm taking a chance. And hopefully, all goes fine. Who knows... Maybe I'll get some new friends from it. Doubt it, but it's worth a try. Right?

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