CyberBullying (Niall Horan Not Famous)

I don't understand why everyone hates me so much. I didn't do anything to any of them. Yet, they constantely pick on me, call me names, and make me doubt myself. Everyday, a new word is added to my vocabulary. Every word, every sentence, it leaves a scar on me. I don't feel the need to try, talk, or even breath. Maybe they won.... Maybe I am just the loser they make me out to be....


5. Chapter 3:

-Alex's P.O.V-

  "Oh my god! Did you hear about this new website everyone is using?", Ashley yelled as we walked to her car after school. I just shake my head, opening the car door. "No. I don't even have a Facebook". She just laughs before sliding in the drivers seat. "It's called Twitbook. It's so much better than Facebook. You should get one, if your mum let's you, that is", she says turning the car on. I laugh, "Yeah, if my mum let's me". She's really strict on what I use on the Internet. Since I got my new laptop, it's only gotten worse. She is always looking over my shoulder or looking at what websites I was on. It's no privacy. "Niall has one..."

 My head snaps up immediately at his name. Ashley laughs at my reaction. "Then I guess I better get one...", I trail off laughing a little. "I guess so. You guys could become 'friends'". Friends. Ha, that's funny. Even if I sent him a friend request, or whatever, he wouldn't accept it. He probably won't even recognize me. 

  "Yeah, then after that we can run away on my magical unicorn over the rainbow", I say sarcastically. Ashley bursts out laughing, while turning on the road. "I'm sorry that was funny, but have more faith in yourself than that!", she laughs more. "I have a better chance of that, then him becoming my friend. You know it too!", I point my finger at her. She shakes her head in response. That's what I thought. See, even I think realistically, kind of. 

  "So, um, who's your book coming along?", she asks changing the subject. "Pretty good. I just have to do some editing then I can submit into the juniors writing comity". "That's great!". Just then she pulled up in front of my house. Mums car wasn't in the driveway. She must still be at work. Sydney would still be at school, so I should have the house to my self for a good hour. "Wanna come in? Mum's at work and Syd is at school", I ask grabbing by bag off the floor. "Sure! Now we can set up your Twitbook page!" 

  When we were in my room, Ashley grabbed my laptop before sitting on my bed. I quickly took the spot next to her. "Okay...."

  I silently watched as she went through everything. "Here", she handed me the laptop, "Put in all your information". I look down at the screen. I typed in my email, username, and password. Then a bunch of questions came up. "What are these?", I ask pointing at the screen. "They're stuff for your bio. Just answer them". Which I did. Some were pretty strange. 'Favorite body part?', what kind of question is that? 

  I finally finished filling in answers, then the screen changed to what looked like my wall. It was empty, for now. "There you go! All set up!", Ashley yells. I laugh, when I notice something light up. "Click on it! You got a friend request!". When I did click it, my heart seemed to stop. How? What? Is this life? Am I in a dream or something?

   "N-Niall. Sent. Me. A. Friend. Request.", my hands were now shaking. I didn't even think he knew I existed! What is the world coming to!? "I told you! I fucking told you!", Ashley laughs pointing at the screen. I still have yet to click on anything. My mind is still trying to process what is happening. I think I'm seeing the light of the rainbow. 

  "Are you going to except it or just sit there and stare at the screen like an idiot?".

   I snap out of my faze. I then click the accept button on the request. It's official. I'm now friends with Niall Horan. Online that is....

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