CyberBullying (Niall Horan Not Famous)

I don't understand why everyone hates me so much. I didn't do anything to any of them. Yet, they constantely pick on me, call me names, and make me doubt myself. Everyday, a new word is added to my vocabulary. Every word, every sentence, it leaves a scar on me. I don't feel the need to try, talk, or even breath. Maybe they won.... Maybe I am just the loser they make me out to be....


3. Chapter 1:

-Alex's P.O.V-
*1 month before*

  I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring. I groan into my pillow. It's time to go to the dreaded hell hole that is High School. I pull my covers further up over my head, so I'm covered by its warmth. I hate Monday's... 

 "Alexandra! Get out of bed! It's time for school!", I hear my mothers voice ring through the house. I groan again, pulling my covers even further up my body. I did not want to go to school. It's stupid. No point once so ever. I burry my face into my pillow trying to block out the noises coming from the kitchen. Most likely my sister and mum fixing up some breakfast. 

"Alexandra, I thought I said to wake up", my mum's voice now in my room. I hear movement over to my bed and my cover is yanked away from my body. "And I thought I told you my name is Alex..", I mumble in response keeping my head firmly placed in my pillow.
  "No, your name is Alexandra. That's the name on your birth certificate. Now get up!", she grabs my arm and makes me sit up. 

  I let my shoulders slump down, letting my brown hair fall knotted past my shoulders. My mum points sternly to my closet before exiting the room.

  I let out an irritated groan as I get up from the comfort of my bed. I make my way to my closet. I didn't have the cutest clothes, or the most expensive, but they will do. I grab my favorite skinny jeans, a T-shirt, and a zip up hoodie. As I get dressed I here my new laptop make a 'ding' sound. As I pull my hair up into a high ponytail I read the IM message. It's from my friend Ashley. 

'Morning sunshine! Now I need help with an outfit! Ahhhh!'

I laugh as I read the message. Ashley has been my friend since the beginning. She's an understatement of best friends forever.  

I bend down to type back to my friend in need.

'Wear anything! You look amazing in anything you wear, trust me! (:' 

I press send, now waiting for her response. Ashley, she has long pretty blonde hair, that fall in natural waves. She really is gorgeous, and it's sad she doesn't know that. 

'Aw! Thanks boo (: I found something! What are you wearing today?'

'Just the normal... Jeans, hoodie, converse'

I press send while sliding my white converse onto my foot. I hate when girls dress all fancy just to go to school. I mean, all we do is sit around and learn. Might as well be comfortable while sitting around, is what I say. My laptop beeps again, meaning another message. 

'Really? Nothing fancy for Niall?(;'

My cheeks instantly feel warm. Niall. Just the sound of his name makes me blush. It's not like I have a chance with him anyways... He's one of the popular guys. He wouldn't give me a second glance. I roll my eyes at the screen before typing back.

'No! And he wouldn't notice anyways... But g2g see you out front!'

'Okay I'll pick you up soon! See ya! (:'

I close the screen of my laptop and grab my book bag off the chair of my desk. I hurry down the stairs, as I see my sister nicely seated at the table eating some cereal. "Morning Alex!", she chimes in a merry tone. I simply groan in response before grabbing a cereal bar off the counter. My mum joins Sydney at the table with a cup of coffee. 

 "Oh look who's up..", my mum teases. I roll my eyes. Then there was a honk coming from outside. "Ashley's here, bye!", I yell running out the door. I see Ashley's car nicely parked in front of my house. I smile before running to her car. 

"Morning boo", she says with a smile. "Good morning...", I say climbing into the passenger seat. I buckle in, before driving to the worst place on earth. High School.

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