Kiss You

Two seventeen year old girls run away. They had a hard life and had one thing to look up to. One Direction. They have it all, their posters, CDS, DVDS and more! So what happens when they happen to bump into their idols? Will love arise or will completely different worlds seperate them?


4. the guys (1Direction infection)

Gabriells POV

Lottie Tomlinson. Charlotte. Louis' sister. Louis the tommo tomlinson...tommo...louis...LOUIS! LOUIS HAD TO BE HERE!

"Hey umm, does louis happen to be with you?" I asked casually.

"Yeah! Over there!" Lottie said pointing towards the disguised guy in sunglasses and a scarf, peeking over his newspaper to look at us.

I scrunched my eyebrows.

"Okayy?" I said, oddly confused.

"He wants to make sure were safe, i guess!" Lottie said, shrugging her shoulder.

A giggle escaped my lips.

"Louis? Give up the gig!" Lottie shouted.

He looked around as if she weren't talking to him.

Lottie walked up to him, smacking him upside the head, pulling his sunglasses off.

"Oh! You sure look like my brother!" Lottie said sarcastically.

Louis smiled cheekily.

"Im safe!" Lottie said, giggling.

"You sure?" Louis questioned.

"Positive!" Lottie assured her.

"HEY! Since your directioners you want to meet the band?" Lottie questioned.

"Well theres an idea!" I said sarcastically.

Lottie giggled, calling them.

In a matter of minutes, five beautiful guy were lined up in front of us.

Blondie immediately captivating me.

And to my luck,

I think I captivated him.

A/N HORRIBLE CHAPTER! Filler and i have writers block!! Sowwyyyyy)': Love ya guys

~Gabriella Horan (Nibriella)

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