Kiss You

Two seventeen year old girls run away. They had a hard life and had one thing to look up to. One Direction. They have it all, their posters, CDS, DVDS and more! So what happens when they happen to bump into their idols? Will love arise or will completely different worlds seperate them?


2. the airport (1Direction infection)

"How much longer?" I complained as I slowed my pace down.

"We're almost there!" Gabriella said, calmly yet with a hint of annoyance.

"I never knew we lived so far from the airport!" I complained once more.

"Katie! Driving is obviously a lot more faster then driving! When your learn how to run eighty miles per hour, let me know and then it wont be so far!" Gabbie said sassily.

"Your such a Louis!" I joked.

Gabbie giggled and blushed.

We had finally done it! Ran away, that is. We had packed a duffel bag, headed out through her window.

"I can't believe we saved so much money up!" I say, in astonishment.

''I can't believe I fit ALL my one direction stuff in my duffel bag and still had room for clothes!" Gabbie said like it was the hardest things to believe.

"Its a miracle! You only have like everything except One Direction themselves!" I joked.

Gabbie playfully rolled her eyes, as the green grass squished beneath our feet.

Let me describe ourselves right now.

Kaitlyn- Medium length hair. A dark brunette color.Waved hair. Brown chocolate eyes. Wearing a sun yellow cardigan with white skinny jeans. Paired with yellow flats. Natural cateye and lipgloss.

Gabriella- Medium/long length hair. Ocean blue eyes. Dark brunette with carmel swirling through her hair. Her hair is braided in a fishtail braid to the side of her head. She has a toronto snapback on. She has on a lime green bando and a white muscle shirt that says, ''wouldnt it be the perfect crime if I stole your heart and you stole mine''. With white skinny jeans and silver sparkly TOMS. Only mascara and lipbalm.

Theres a description to get you started.

"THERE IT IS!" Gabbie shouted, despite the many stares.

I stared in love at the airport standing proudly before us.

Gabbie and I looked at each other, took a deep breathe and ran towards the entrance.

"So? How many tickets?" I ask Gabbie.

Gabbie gave me a smile as if she were concealing something.

"Weeelll," Gabbie said, "I kind of prepared! I bought two tickets to London. Our passports are all set and I found us a house in Holmes Chapel!" Gabbie said smiling.

"Have I ever mentioned I love you?" I say, looking at her with delight.

"I knows! Im lovable!" Gabbie said causing us both to giggle.

As we wearily made our way through the entrance, the sound of suitcases filled me ear.

We made our way throughout the airport. We gave the lady our tickets and headed off.

"Gosh girl!" I said looking at Gabbie.

"What?" Gabbie asked confused, slightly giggling, which she did quite often.

"You look just like a Niall girl!" I say, causing her to blush.

"You look just like a Zayn girl! Brown eyes and all!" Gabbie says, making me smile.

We reached the terminal and went through security and everything.


The alarms went off.

The security scanned Gabbie down.

"Broo .! ALL I have are my chips!" Gabbie argued.

"No food allowed ma'am!" The big scary figure said.

"Its kinda how we survive!" Gabbie replied sassily.

"Well they'll give you food on the plane, disguard that bag of chips!" The guy said more stern.

"If they give you food on the plane then why the heck cant I bring a bag of chips, it's not going to run away and cause a plane crash, I PROMISE!" Gabbie said.

"Ma'am! Get rid of the chips!" The guy said, his voice raising.

This argument went on for about a half hour. In the end Gabbie won. Yeah dont mess with the sassy one!

Gabbie grabbed her suitcase and walked away eating her chips with pride.

The lady motioned for me to walk through and I did. 


The alarms went off again.

The procedure repeated. Except they found my pocket mirror.

"Oh it's just a mirror!" The guy said.

"Search the rest!" The lady demanded.

They took the wand and waved it around my body finding about sixty more mirrors!

After they checked every inch of me, I walked by and caught up with Gabbie.

As we were walking along Gabbie spotted Starbucks.

"STARBUCKS!" Gabbie shouted.

I laughed and we walked into Starbucks. She ordered a white peppermint mocha and I got a simply coffee.

Starbucks and we're going to London!
What could be better?

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