Kiss You

Two seventeen year old girls run away. They had a hard life and had one thing to look up to. One Direction. They have it all, their posters, CDS, DVDS and more! So what happens when they happen to bump into their idols? Will love arise or will completely different worlds seperate them?


1. Prologue- memories (1Direction infection)


I sat on my securing bed as I waited for the all to familar slam of the door. Signalling the guy who ruined my life was home. My father. I sat on my bed shivering, imagining life before mom passed away. The memories soon vanished and were replaced with tears. I held onto my locket, tears spilling over. Thats when I heard it. The door slam. Any opalescent color that might've covered my face is long gone.

I shuttered at each cold, echoed footstep on our old, rugged wooden stairs. My mind scattered to my sister, in the next room. Her name was Gabriella. We are like best friends. Any time we could have together, we'd take advantage of. She has the same problem as me. Our father'll find out later! The word is to rueful to say.

I carefully listened to the peacefulness of the silent air before my door was thrown open.

"Hi dad!" I said attempting to cover the fear in my voice.

"You know the drill!" My dad said harshly.

I suddenly got an unaware confidence.

''NO!" I shouted.

Bad idea, my father came, took a whip at my face, leaving tears covering my swelling skin.

"NOW!" My dad demanded.

I slowly peeled my shirt off and so on.

I think you know the horrible story from there.

And the word that was to pitiful to say.

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