Kiss You

Two seventeen year old girls run away. They had a hard life and had one thing to look up to. One Direction. They have it all, their posters, CDS, DVDS and more! So what happens when they happen to bump into their idols? Will love arise or will completely different worlds seperate them?


3. her... (1Direction infection)

We steadily advanced down the expansive airport. We went up and down so many levels.

Gabbie happily sipped at her drink, finishing it and disguarding it into the trash can.

She smiled, walking back over to me. Seconds later, gabbies stomach growled.

"Damn girl!" I exclaimed as she giggled.

"It was my suitcase wheel!" Gabbie said, controlling her giggles.

"And I knew that!" I said, slightly embarassed.

"Of course you did!" Gabbie said sarcastically.

We kept on wheeling our suitcases, the never ending airport stretching vast beyond us.

"Im getting hot!" Gabbie whined playfully.

"Me to! Lets get changed in the bathroom!" I say, heading towards the bathrooms.

Gabbie quickly runs over to restrooms, bolting in, running into a young girl.

She was about our age, 14.

"SORRY!" Gabbie said panicly.

"Its okay love!" A familar British accent. Gabbie was currently looking down picking up the contents that had spilled out.

At the sound of her voice, Gabbie froze. Her head slowly turned up. Her face went blank as she looked up at the one and only Lottie Tomlinson.

"U-uhm!?" Gabbie said stuttering.

"You alright?" Lottie asked looking down at Gabbie.

"Y-your L-lottie t-tomlinson?" Gabbie asked almost as a question, stuttering like crazy.

"Yes?" Lottie asked, confused.

"Dear lord!" I said playfully rolling my eyes at Gabbie.

"Am I missing anything?" Lottit asked nervously.

"Oh your, my dear sister Gabriellas', girl role model!" I say with no worries.

"Whos her all around idol?" Lottie asked.

"Well, this is awkward!" Gabbie says, knowing what I'm about to say.

''One Direction!" I said proudly.

Gabbie blushed at the mention of One Direction.

Typical Gabbie.

Lottie and us continued to walk, not knowing Louid Tomlinson was nearby.

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