Fall Into My Arms

NOTE: In this fan-fiction, the members of One Direction are not famous. They are normal highschoolers. STORY: Harry Styles is unpopular. He just can't fit in. Maybe it's the polo shirts. Maybe the curls in his hair. Maybe his dimples when he smiles. He just can't figure it out. He begins to fall for a popular girl, and is afraid he won't be able to win her over. When he lays eyes on a normal girl, he sees love at first sight. But the cool kids are out to ruin it.


2. Someone

Harry's P.O.V.

I really need a friend other than my mom. So I decide to. I scan the library, computer lab, gym, and auditorium. I find nobody. I collapse into my chair in the cafeteria, defeated. I cover my hands with my face. Suddenly, there's a tap on my shoulder. ''Hello. May I sit with you?'' I turn around see a girl. A pretty one at that. She had sea blue eyes and wavy brown hair. "My name's Danielle Jacks. But you can call me Dani.'' She tells me. ''Well, I'm Harry Styles. You can call me Hazza.'' I say to her. She smiles. ''Hazza.'' I examine her. She's nice, and definitely pretty. I like her. ''Hey, wanna come over after school?'' I nervously ask her. She giggles and says, ''Ok Hazza.'' I laugh too. ''What class do you have next?'' I ask her. ''Biology.'' she answers. ''Me too.'' So I walk her there. For some strange reason, I will never know, Kayla picked me as her partner. ''Hey Harry.'' she says in  a flirty tone. ''Wanna hang out sometime?'' I shake my head. ''Can't, busy.'' She rolls her eyes and switches partners. I get Dani! "What do you wanna do at my house?'' I ask her. "I don't know. Whatever you want.'' she tells me. I think, ''Movie?'' She nods and turns to her paper. Occasionally looking through  our microscope. ''There.'' she says as she finishes. ''All done.'' ''Wow. You're good at that.'' I say amazed. She blushes. ''Harry, I'm not very smart.'' I look at her confused. ''Sure you are.'' She smiles at me and gives me a tight hug. When she looks up at be, her eyes are tearing up. ''What's wrong?'' I ask her. She turns away, ''No one likes me.'' she says in a hushed tone. I pull her head towards me. ''I do.'' I tell her. She gazes at me and says, ''I know but, people say I don't matter.'' I take her by the shoulders and look her straight in the eye. ''Listen Dani, you matter, and don't ever think otherwise.'' Then, I pulled her in and kissed her passionately. She pulls away. ''Harry, why did you kiss me?'' I sigh, ''Because you mean a lot to me. You're the only friend I have and I ...I.'' I pause. ''What Harry.'' She asks. ''I... I like you. A lot.'' I blurt out. She smiles at me, ''Really?'' I nod. ''Oh Harry!'' She hugs me again. ''Thank you.'' She whispers in my ear. Then we leave class.


After the movie, Dani chose to stay over. When we begin to get sleepy, she sadly asks, 'Where do I sleep?'' I laugh and say, ''With me. If that's alright.'' She nods and climbs in with me. She lays her head on my chest and snuggles close. I draw small circles on her back. ''Harry, that feels amazing.'' She whispers. I smile and begin humming, 'You Are My Sunshine' meaning every word.

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