Fall Into My Arms

NOTE: In this fan-fiction, the members of One Direction are not famous. They are normal highschoolers. STORY: Harry Styles is unpopular. He just can't fit in. Maybe it's the polo shirts. Maybe the curls in his hair. Maybe his dimples when he smiles. He just can't figure it out. He begins to fall for a popular girl, and is afraid he won't be able to win her over. When he lays eyes on a normal girl, he sees love at first sight. But the cool kids are out to ruin it.


1. Harry is Lonely

Harry's P.O.V.

Here we go. Another day of being uncool. Unpopular. Unnoticed. I have no friends at all. I don't know why. I'm nice, at least I think I am. I care and I'm not too bad looking. Maybe I'll never know. Being 18 and having no friends is a little let-down though. I wish I could be as cool as the kids in clubs or are super ''cute'' as the girls put it. I shake all those thoughts out of my head and get dressed. At school, everything is the same though. I go through classes swiftly and sit alone at lunch. I glance over at the ''cool'' table and figure out why those boys get to sit there and not me. Liam Payne: He's a fast runner and pretty good looking. Niall Horan: Blonde, talented and Irish. Louis Tomlinson: Great at soccer and irresistably charming with the ladies. Finally Zayn Malik : Amazing hair and super talented. I could be all those things if I tried. I switch my glace to a gaze as I see Kayla Sommers sit down next to Louis. She has beautiful blond hair with a pink streak through it. She is perfect and is a cheerleader. Too bad she's obviously crushing on Louis. My daydream ended abruptly, when mashed potato came flying across the room and hit me in the face. I close my eyes and wipe it off, turning to see who it was. I look over at the boys and see them laughing hysterically. I should've known. Last week, it was pie. But what upset me most was that Kayla was laughing too. I angrily picked my empty tray, slammed it on the counter and walked out the doors. I was getting sick of this. I stormed to the washroom to look in the mirror. I was a mess. I had potato all in my hair. I shook my curls to get it out. Some fell out, but the rest will have to washed. I groaned at went to class.


''Harry! Almost done?'' my mom yelled to me from outside the bathroom. I was washing my hair. ''Yeah just about!'' I called back. When I did finish, I got out, wrapped up in a towel and left. ''Thanks love.'' she said. I brushed past her and went to my room. I pulled on some boxers and a t-shirt. Added some jeans and relaxed. I needed to take my mind off school and bullies. I decide to listen to music on my phone. I scrolled through it. Nothing to fit my mood. Depressed and lonely. I shut it off and decided to check my twitter instead. There was so much hate. @LPayne- You are so lame!@HarryStyles. Or @LouisTommo-Go take your uncool somewhere else. I hope it's not contageous!@HarryStyles. Then there's the one I hated most. @KaylaSweetie-Lunch was so horrible. That wouldn't have even happened and if you had just left us alone loser. P.S. You're not getting me!@HarryStyles. I slammed it shut and just lay on my bed. We never have a proper dinner because my dad is never home and mom works on her paperwork. So I just grab a piece of cold pizza and sit on the couch. I turn on the t.v. What to watch. Nothing. Of course. I shut it off and go up to my room. I play a few games on my phone and eventually fall asleep.

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