Runaway Cinderella (JB fanfiction)

Crystal Heart was on of the people that wasn't very popular at school, especially when she has a bully on her back 24/7, making her life hell.

Could going to a Masquerade ball change who she is? or will she just be another person that suffers along with the rest of the people on, Justin Bieber's bully list.

"For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true" - Cinderella


3. "he can never know"

Crystal pov

I've been in school for what, 10 minutes and all everyone is talking about is this mystery girl from the ball last night. The same questions 'who is she?' 'why doesn't she come forward?' 'I wonder if she has a boyfriend?'. Yeah even I laughed at the last one. Only if they knew, they are talking about me.

"crystal why don't you say something?" Jess, my other best friend, whispered in my ear. I looked at her like she had 3 heads.

"Jess if I said anything, everyone would laugh in my face. No-one would ever believe that a tom boy would be able to pull something off like that" I rambles on at her. It's true though. I am sort of a Tom boy. All I ever wear is jeans and trackies. I have never ever worn a dress or a skirt, well apart from last night but that will be the last. I can't stand wearing them.

"oi everyone listen up" all of our heads spun round to see justin and his lost dogs standing by him at the end of the corridor.

"last night we all know about the mystery girl" he paused "last night she dropped something. A bracelet. I am here to figure out who she is. Here's the challenge: if you can tell me how many charms and what they are on the bracelet then the lucky girl gets to go on a date with me" he smirked as he finished. Loads of girls ran up to him shouting random things at him, trying to guess.

My eyes widened. He has my bracelet. I thought I left it at home. Argh this ain't good.

"crystal you have to tell him" bex whispered/shouted in my ear. I automatically covered her mouth with my hand.

"he can never know" I said looking between her and Jess. They both nodded.

Justin pov

She has to come forward now. No-one would run down an offer with a date with me. I looked around all the girl that was throwing question after question at me. None was getting it right.

My eyes landed on the 3 girls standing by the lockers at the far end of the corridor. I pushed my way through the crowd to get to them.

"any of you want to guess?" I smirked as I stood by them. 

"why would we guess?" bex, I think, spat.

"well to get the bracelet back plus to get a date with moi" I said.

"which it beaver, ego growing" I heard someone mutter beside me. My head snapped to see crystal.

"don't know why you speaking. Your just a paretic Tom boy that won't be able to even afford something like this. So if I was you I would shut your mouth" I spat at her. Her eyes glossed over "aww are you going to cry? Does the truth hurt?" I teased her. That cracked her. She ran off out the front doors, crying. Oh well, she ain't worth worrying about. I turned back to the two girl, who were glaring at me.

"see you beautiful's later" I gave them a small nod, before walking off. 

I need to find this girl, and quick.
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