Runaway Cinderella (JB fanfiction)

Crystal Heart was on of the people that wasn't very popular at school, especially when she has a bully on her back 24/7, making her life hell.

Could going to a Masquerade ball change who she is? or will she just be another person that suffers along with the rest of the people on, Justin Bieber's bully list.

"For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true" - Cinderella


4. Confused

Crystal pov

Its been weeks since ive gone to school. Why you ask? Well ive had enough of Justin making my life hell, like it aint already. Anyway i came up with a plan to take him down. Which will make him stop bullying me and get my bracelet back at the same time.

The plan is simply. Only my best friends know what it is.

Lets just say: Crystal Heart is no longer the quiet tom boy she used to be.

Watch out Justin Bieber karma is after you.

Justin pov

"dude have you seen that skank today? she was suppose to be doing my homework?" i asked ryan, as we stood by the locker, looking at hot girls walk past.

"naa sorry dude. Actually she hasnt been in for like a month now" he said. That rat better be in because my homework is due today.

All of a sudden the whole corridor went to a stand still, as a girl walked in through the front doors. She was stunning. Her long, curled hair bounced on her shoulders, she had sunglasses over her eyes, she wore a top that ended just above her bellybutton, pair of three quarter length jeans with black converses on her feet. WOW! All eyes followed her as she went straight over to Crystal's friends.

"dude get in there before someone else does" Chaz partly shouted at me. Why does this seem so familiar? Oh yeah the girl from the ball everyone still talks about.

"yeah hang on. Ive got to get something out my locker" i opened my locker to get my books out, until something caught my eye as it fell out. I picked it up off the floor, reading the one word on the front 'Karma' was all it said. I unfolded it, waiting to see what was writing inside.

Dear Justin,

Thanks to you, I am no longer who i used to be. Thanks to your pushing, pull ing, punching, shouting, name calling. You broke me for who I really am.

Wondering who I am? Well I'll tell you... Im your mystery girl. Shocked I bet but you wont get me that easy. That's if you get me at all with your big headed ego.

Anyway I gave someone a present to give to you. If you find them give them my bracelet and they will give you yours. Hope you like it!

Lots of hate

Mystery Girl

P.S watch out karma is staring right at you!

By the end of the letter, my mouth was hanging on the floor. I looked around, my eyes landed on the stunningly hot girl with Crystal's friends. She was staring my way, well it looked like it by the way her head was turned. She has a smirk on her face. With whispering something in the friends ear, she stood up straight, turning around and walked out the front doors to the school.

Im so confused right now.

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