Runaway Cinderella (JB fanfiction)

Crystal Heart was on of the people that wasn't very popular at school, especially when she has a bully on her back 24/7, making her life hell.

Could going to a Masquerade ball change who she is? or will she just be another person that suffers along with the rest of the people on, Justin Bieber's bully list.

"For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true" - Cinderella


2. Cinderella

Crystal pov

Oh my god i cant believe im doing this. im shaking. i think im about to faint or something. At the moment me and Bex are sitting in her car, waiting for me to calm down.

"Are you that worried about your dad?" Bex asked me. I nodded slyly "give me your phone" she demanded holding her hand out. I took my phone off my shoe strap and past it to her "right im setting an alarm for half 11 so then your'll be able to get home before your dad" she said with a huge smile on her face. I smiled wide and jumped on her.

"oh my god your the freaking best"

"I know, now can we go" she said looking at me seriously. I nodded.

"Let's get this party started"

We pulled both of our masks over our faces and stepped out the car.

Tonight is going to be life changing, i can tell.

Justin Pov

Man this party is so boring. All it is, is a bunch of people with masks all dressed up. Nothing special there.

"man i haven't seen one hot girl yet. That's just depressing" Ryan, my best friend, whined. I nodded my head in agreement.

"if it don't get better in about 5 minutes i'm going" i stated.

After a couple of minutes went by and it was pretty much the same thing going on. I've had about 5 school sluts come up to me asking for a dance. Me, i just walked away.

All of a sudden the whole hall went quiet, only hearing the music in the background. Ryan slapped me on the arm, pointing behind me.

As i turned around i was blown away. Standing at the entrance doors was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. She wore a full length white dress which has some puff to it. Her hair was curled into perfection. Her mask was white like her dress but with a little bit of glitter on the side of the eyes.

Her friend beside her nudged her forward a bit so she would walk in. Not one person wasn't looking at her. I can tell you now she's going to be the most talked about person in this school.

"Damn shes hot" Ryan said breaking the silence. I nodded, i couldn't speak. This girl has defiantly taking my breath away.

"Dude if you don't make the first move someone else will" Chaz, my other best friend, smirked beside me. Of course by someone else he meant him.

I started to walk up to the girl with shaking hands. why am i nervous? I never get nervous over anything, especially over a girl. Her friend beside her tapped her shoulder then pointed over at me. Of course she turned around but when she did her facial features changed from happy to sad. That ain't good, is it?

"Hi prince charming at your service" i bowed, only to receive a few laughs. Her giggle is adorable "and what might your name be?"

"you'll have to earn my name" she smiled. Wow hard to get, that's hot. Her voice though, I've heard that voice before but who is she?

"well would your friends mind if i take you for a walk?" i asked more to her friends than to her. She bit her lip, turning to her friends. They smiled big, pushing her in my direction.


"So tell me about your self?" i asked as we walked around the school gardens, which was covered over in lights.

"Are you trying to trick me to get my name?" she asked back with a smirk. Dammit!

"of course not" i bowed my head in shame. I stopped suddenly, grabbing her hand, pulling her into me "but seriously who are you?" i asked looking straight into her unique purple eyes. She let out a sigh, ready to answer my question. All of a sudden i hear a phone ringing. That's not mine. The girl looked down, groaning, pulling off her phone from her shoe strap. What the?

"i'm sorry I've got to go" she said walking off. I stood stunned.

"But i haven't got your name" i shouted after her as i came back down to earth. By the time i got to the entrance she was gone. I ran my hand through my hair, looking down.

Something caught my eye, something shinning. I bent down and picked it up. It was a charm bracelet with only a few charms on it: a horse, music note, an army tank, and half a heart with 'BF' on it.

"dude what happened?" i jumped from the voice. Quickly putting the bracelet into my pocket before i turned around.

"i don't know man but im going to find out who she is and when i do. im going to make her mine" i said proudly

To me she is my Cinderella.

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