Runaway Cinderella (JB fanfiction)

Crystal Heart was on of the people that wasn't very popular at school, especially when she has a bully on her back 24/7, making her life hell.

Could going to a Masquerade ball change who she is? or will she just be another person that suffers along with the rest of the people on, Justin Bieber's bully list.

"For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true" - Cinderella


1. Prolague

"So Crystal have you heard about the Masquerade ball tonight?" my friend Bex asked me, as we stood in the hallways of the place I call hell.

"Yes I have and before you say anything no i'm not going" i pointed out before she said anything about it.

"Oh but why?" she whined. before i could answer, someone answered for me.

"Because she's to ugly to find a date. Plus those love handles wont be able to fir into any dress" I heard him and his pig friend's laugh. I bowed my head in shame. Why does he always do this to me? "ah what's wrong? You upset because you know its the truth" he said in my ear, i could tell he was smirking by the tone of his voice.

"Just leave her alone!" Bex snapped at him. Oops bad move.

"Listen here, say one more thing to me like that and I'll have the whole school on your case, got it?" he shouted in her face. I couldn't stand here any longer, i could feel my eyes start to sting from the newly made tears. I grabbed hold of Bex's arm and legged it out of school, running all the way home.

Later that night Bex was still going on about the ball tonight. To be honest it was starting to get on my nerves so i snapped at her to shut up.

"So you going to be alright then?" she asked for the hundredth time. I simple nodded "okay then hun, I'll text you tomorrow and tell you how it goes. Love you bye" she shouted from the door before closing it.

I flopped back onto my bed, letting out a loud sigh, thinking about what justin said back to me at school. Wonder why he treats me like that? I've never done anything towards him.

Knock knock

I mentally groaned at the person standing behind my bedroom door, i just want to be left alone. Suddenly my door opens revealing my mum standing with a big white box in her hands.

"I know your father wouldnt agree with this but I thought I'll let you have this. This was mine when me and your dad got married. I'm sure it will look beautiful on you more than me" she said kissing my forehead then leaving my room, leaving me looking at the box, wondering whats inside.

After a while staring a the box i decided to open it. I smiled. Inside was the most beautiful dress ever. The dress was floor length, not to puffy, white, strapless. I couldnt stop smiling. I could remember mum wearing this on hers and dads wedding day. She looked stunning.

I kept looking at the dress, thinking. Then it came to me.

That bastard is going down. 

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