Don't wanna be without you ♥

Destiny Hope moves to England,starts going to an art academy and meets Zayn Malik.One enthusiastic young girl may have found her prince charming?


4. That Malik

I was cleaning my room,Rolling Stones were playing on my laptop.I was singing,dancing,just tried to embarrass myself infront of the neighbors really.


My  body was  moving with the rhythm.I felt sweat coming down my hips.My shirt was revealing it.My checked shirt,that I tied around my waist.

I heard the sound of my Iphone.I reached for it,to the end of my bed,It had one message.

Who could it be.

It sad 'Zayn'

I automatically read it out loud: Fancy going outside for me? :)xx

I giggled inside.

I got to the bathroom and brushed the towel against my skin and put some parfume.I checked my hair and grabbed my Iphone.I pulled my converse on my feet and went downstairs on the way down I responded with: I'm here :) xxx

I saw my mom cooking dinner.And telling something to Liam.I turned around and pulled the doors.

"Hey" I sad slowly pulling the doors,I didn't shut them.I just kept my hands behind my back on the doorknob.

"Hi" he sad smiling,he was on his BMX and Boris was on the leash.

"vas happenin" I asked with a smile.He had black tank-top,baggy dark jeans,high-tops

"I have to walk Boris....and since you've got Brooks I thought you could join,I'm bored...and alone..and ya know" He sad with a derp face

"Yeah..just a sec" I went inside and went for Brooks,my Labrador.He was the cutest puppy ever.

I took my leash and yelled "I'm taking my Brooksy for a walk"  mom rolled her eyes and I went outside,and this time I closed the doors.

"Here we go" I sad putting the leash on.

I went down the few stairs I have and got to Zayn."Hop up?" He sad with a cheeky grin."Sure I won't fall from all the weight" I joked.But seriously.

I sat on the handlebar.We drove around our block for an hour.

"I'm gonna fall Zayn" I sad trying not to fall."You're not,relax....even If you do I'll be there to save you...and Boris & Brooks" He sad giggling."Sure thing" I added with my accent.Didn't sound so good."You're so cute with that accent"

He sad stopping for a sec,cause Boris didn't wanna move.I blushed a bit.Don't judge.You'd blush If you're crush told you you're cute.I hopped he didn't notice.

"All set?" He sad after we started driving again."Yeah" I smiled."So how come you're not walking Boris with Perrie?" I asked,Idk If I should have,I felt like I asked a bit personal,or weird.

"First of all,She's not that lovely....second I don't wanna walk that brat,that thing is weird."He added laughing.Ok I need to stop laughing.

Maybe not.

"C'mon she's not that bad" I sad trying to hold my balance."To you she's not.She's annoying.Boring.And kinda a slut" He added.

Oh Perrie's not gonna like this.

"Yeah,I got that....since she's been with Alex" I made one of my ridiculous faces with raised eyebrows.I got of the bike slowly trying not to hit my bum on any part of the bike.

We stood there for a minute smiling & laughing.I was actually surprised,he opened a lot since we met,we actually had a great conversations going this week."I had a great time sure know how to make someone smile" I sad giggling,looking into his now hazel eyes.

"Glad I did" he sad smiling.I looked at the ground and than at him.We looked at each other for a moment."So,are you going to Alex's party this weekend?" Zayn asked.

His eyes had something special.They were perfection.I just wanted to stare at them forever."Yeah...I dunno.Not quite convinced....are you coming" I bite my lip and he smiled.Cheeky.

"I'm coming if you are" He sad grabbing my hand."Guess I'll be going than" I sad with a big grin on my face."See you in the morning" Zayn sad kissing my hand and coming for a hug.

I chuckled into his chest and wrapped my arms around his neck,putting my chin on his shoulder."sweet dreams" I heard him whisper into my ear covered with my blonde hair.I didn't wanna leave his hug,his hot body pressed to mine,gosh."night" I sad pulling out from the hug.I pulled the leach with Brooks and went over to the porch.

I opened the doors and looked again at him,he was standing looking with his head up at me.I smiled and got inside.

I let Brooks off the leash and went to the kitchen.I grabbed an strawberry from the plate and put it into my mouth."soo who's that boy you were with" mom asked,she didn't even look at me.

"Hi" I sad pulling out the fruit from my mouth."umm...Zayn" I sad going over to her,to see what she's cooking.Actually she was putting the dishes by order."Tricia & Yaser's son?" My mom asked.

The hell?

" do you know them?" I asked suspicious."We're neighbours,you're classmates,and we meet some times,have a drink,talk.We're moms for god sakes" She sad looking at me.

"Ok.Why wasn't I informed?" I asked,she gave the plates to get them in the dinning room."bring your brother and sister" Mom sad putting the glasses on the table.I ran off upstairs,but not on my floor,the lower one,where they had their rooms.

"C'mon dinner's ready" I sad snapping my finger.

I went downstairs.We had tacos for dinner.Gosh I loved that meal."Where's dad anyways?" I asked enjoying my taco."Working,again.The O2 this month." She sad drinking her Pepsi."Want some?" She asked handing me the bottle."No thank you.I'd rather have some water" I fake smiled on purpose and went over for the sink.

Honestly I wanna lose weight.Everyone's like 'are you crazy',but in my school everyone's so thin.I don't wanna be like them,but I don't feel good about myself.Idk.This week I started thinking about it.Strange.


-Speeding up to friday-

"I can't believe Zayn asked you to go to the party" Tess screamed as we talked over the phone."Calm your tits" I sad as I set on my bed."Told you he likes you" I could imagine her putting her tongue out."No he doesn't" I sad longing into my facebook.

"C'mon the boy liked your profile picture,commented it and posted on your wall" she sad all fangirling,trying to prove a point.

"When did he do that?....Girl you're obssesed....are you stalking or something,I didn't even see it" I sad checking my notifications Zayn Malik,Tess Scot,Conor Maynard and 69 others liked your profile picture,Zayn Malik and 8 others commented on your profile picture,Zayn Malik posted on your wall,Zayn Malik poked you,Tess Scot poked you,Tess Scot invited you on the event "PARTY ; ALL DAY ALL NIGHT-Alex P.

Boi,That Malik.
 chapter,sorry if you don't like it.New up soon.:)xxx






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