Don't wanna be without you ♥

Destiny Hope moves to England,starts going to an art academy and meets Zayn Malik.One enthusiastic young girl may have found her prince charming?


3. Perfect Timing

It's been a month since I moved here.It' been great.Tess & Conor became my best friends actually.Zayn's still shy but we're ok.We talk every day,sit by the same table in lunch with Conor,Tess,Lou,Perrie & Adam.

They're really great.I have a laugh every sec with them.Conor especially! He's such a sweetie.

Other topic.Zayn.I like him.A lot.Idk.I'm shy,don't know what to do about it.We've bonded but still.Have a feeling he'll be with Perrie.Idk.

"Destiny?" "Miley" "Smiley?" I shook my head and saw Tess staring at me.

"What?" I smiled."It's math dear" She laughed and turned for her phone."Are you on twitter?" She asked me."Yeah,why?" I asked confused."idk,bored.Let's tweet something" She had a evil laugh.

"Sure" I smiled.She turned up the camera on front and we took a 'few' pics.Every one of them went on Twitter.

"Ok,I look like a fool" She sad giggling."No you don't,you actually look really cute" I sad and turned to Perrie.

"How's Alex?" I asked.She blushed and sad "fine" I smiled and turned back."they did it" Tess whispered with a disappointed tone."Gosh" I sad making ugly embarrassed retarded faces."Yep" She sad as she showed me our lovely photos from earlier.

"Nice" I winked and turned to my bag,that was on the floor.I took my lip gloss and saw Zayn smiling.


"Hey Destiny....where did you buy that jacket?" Perrie asked as I was smiling back." mean my varsity?" I asked putting my lip gloss.

"Yeah,yeah.Whatever's that called" She sad tapping my back."Back home in America" I smiled as I looked at her."My favorite" I sad looking at my varsity.

"You have a lot of these jackets" She added."Yeah,I actually have a 50" I sad laughing."Omg" She sad giggling.Than she looked at Conor,Zayn & Adam.

She 'whispered' "The girl has 50 varsitys" pointing at me.Adam was like 'the hell',Zayn smiled and Conor "Yeah I know I've been in here closet" sad giggling and laughing for their faces.

It's not weird?Is it? I like leather too.

"Perrie!" The professor yelled at Perrie.OOOOOh my.She looked like she was gonna cry.What to do?


"You alright?" I asked Perrie,trying not to laugh."Yeah I'm fine" She sad in tears.I turned around and took my bag.I couldn't hold the laughter so I ran out.And bumped into the Conor and Zayn."Hey" i sad laughing."Perrie right?" Conor asked and started laughing." everyone so emotional round here or?" I asked."Depends"  Zayn added.With his half smile.Cute.


"Well going to the mall today?" I asked.Kinda hopping they're going cause I don't wanna go alone with Perrie."Yeah...I guess" Zayn sad while Conor was impersonating Perrie."Ok,here she comes" I sad hitting him lightly."You ok Perrie?" I asked."Yeah" She sad and walked over to her locker.Ok.

"Ok I'm going home...anybody need a ride?" I asked as I pulled my key out."I'm waiting for Tess" Conor sad."Ugh....we haven't been out for 2 weeks.I'm gonna die" I sad making funny faces."Sorry" he sad with a cupcake face."It is forgiven" I joked."No seriously,are you back together or?" I asked looking suspicious."I'm gonna ask her now" He sad making his popular face,with his eyes all weird and big yeah.

"Sure....good luck" I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek."Don't do anything ilegal" I joked and grabbed Zayn's hands."C'mon I don't wanna go home alone"

I pulled him to the doors,that were on the end of the hallway.He just laughed.

"'s life" I asked as we walked out of school."I've been thinking about auditioning for XFactor" he started but i cut him off "Yeah,you should really audition,your voice is amazing!" I sad opening the doors of the car.

"You really think so?" He asked looking deep into my hazel eyes."Yeah" I smiled."Are you going today?I'm not really interested" I sad pulling out from the driveway.

"I dunno.Have to study" He sad waving with his book in his hand."But maybe I'll come" he added.

"I think we should go.Perrie's gonna kill me if I don't show up anyway" I sad sarcasticlly.

"Yeah.Perrie" He sad with a sigh.


"So,any news about the trip?" I asked.We were supposed to go to France or something next year.

"Nop" He sad realising a sound on 'p' It sounded like a bubble."Hey,I do that" I sad pointing with my finger.

Than Let Me Love You came on.Zayn started singing so did I but quietly.I wanted to hear his voice.

" Let me love you that's all you need baby " I started clapping."You're lovely" I sad kissing him on the cheek.Than I started laughing."Um...It's 16:30 already" Zayn added looking at his watch on his left hand."Wanna head to the mall than?" I asked taking a turn."Yeah...If you want.We can shop while we're waiting" He sad smiling.

Basically we sang all way to the mall.

We went to Starbucks for some coffee and shopped,I  bought a dress,jeans & a watch.Zayn helpped picking.Than Perrie and Conor & Tess & Lou came finally.

"Hey guys" Perrie sad all happy."Hey" we sighed.

" already did shopping" She had a fake sad face."Yeah we were bored so we thought what the heck." I added."What did you buy" She asked with her hands like she was praying.

Conor and Tess were kissing Lou stood next to Zayn.

"Well I bought jeans,a dress,watch...and Zayn,he bought jeans,varsity & swimwear" I sighed after I sad everything."We're gonna teach you how to swim" I winked and whispered into his ear.

"So are we gonna go or?" Perrie asked going into H&M."We'll be waiting at McDonald's" Zayn and I sad in the same time."High five" lol.

My stomach hurt,but It ain't my falt Zayn wanted to challenge.Than we both burpped in the same time.

How is that even possible?

"sorry" I sad giggling and looking deep into his eyes."no,no it's cute" he smiled.

Gosh his smile is perfection.

"Shall we?I'm done,so are you!I don't wanna wait any longer for those guys" I sad with a bit of sigh.I was pretty damn tired actually.

"Yeah,I'm kinda sleepy" He sad with his puppy look.

I grabbed the tray with the leftovers and trash."Let me" Zayn jumped to grab it."Such a gentleman" I sad tapping his shoulder."Yes" He had a cheeky grin.

I got my bag and we left for the doors.It was still day light.Thank god.


hello:) idk is it any good.hope ya like it.sorry if there are mistakes.comment,like,favorite,whatever you want #no8.if you want me to include you comment your name and some things about you also if you have a character you'd like to be or something like that.xoxo

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