Don't wanna be without you ♥

Destiny Hope moves to England,starts going to an art academy and meets Zayn Malik.One enthusiastic young girl may have found her prince charming?


5. D Party

I opened all notifications and saw comments like "pretty" "cute" and all that but the one catched my eye "beaut as always :) xx" it was from Zayn.

Ok panic attack.

"Ok I saw the comment" I sad smiling,to Tess on the phone."Told ya he has a thing on you" I could see her winking in my head.

"What should I write?" I asked nervously,blushing."I dunno,something like 'thanks babe' or 'look who's talking' or something in that style" She sad loud.I was holding my phone in my hand and tryed to think what to write.Than I wrote Babe:)xxx I didn't know what to write.

"Done" I smiled as I went through my wall.Saw Zayn's post You have to show up.I'm gonna be really sad if you dump me tonight ;/ xxx

I giggled a bit."Ok,he wrote You have to show up.I'm gonna be really sad if you dump me tonight.A sad winking smiley and 2 x's" I looked over at my window and looked for a moment at Zayn's house.

I heard Tess talking:"Aww.He's such a cutie"I smiled and went on my laptop again.I poked them all back and went into messages.But before that I liked his post and commented Cutie!;)xxx

"C'mon babe,cutie!" I hear Tess saying over the phone."What?" I asked.I had nothing else in mind

"It's cute but....nevermind.When are you coming over?" She asked,she sounded like she was getting ready already

and typed Zayn a message; You're doubting on me? :( Btw I'd never ever dump youxx ,and awnsered Tess "Sorry hot shot....umm...aren't you picking me up? I mean I don't mind.I thought something around 8,8:30?"  as clicked SEND


"Ok,deal.What are you wearing?" I could tell she's excited."Umm...i dunno,I though a black little dress,that has the top part like a bandeau and down tight.But idk,The top part has little studs on." I sad walking over to my closet."Dress!Definitely! It sounds sexy,go with that.Need to impress Zayn!" She yelled in my ear


"OK,calm down.I'll go with that.But what shoes? I thought maybe wedges or ankle booties" I sad looking at them.They were all black."Go with the booties" she suggested,but I'd rather wear wedges.

"Wedges it is" I teased as I took them to my room."Well gotta go.See ya soon,call me when you're here" I didn't even say "bye" she cut me off by ending the call.What is it with that girl.

I walked over to my laptop,I had 2 messages.

Zayn Malik

No.Of course not,I just wanna be sure I'm not alone....In Alex's party.You're too cute:)xxx

Conor Maynard

Getting ready?When are you coming anyways....we need to talk!?But not tonight,it's party time.:)xxxx


I replied to Conor first: Yeah,about to!'Round  9 with Tess.Yeah,we do.Miss your talks.Haha,I know.Maybe Sunday?:)xxxx

Than to Zayn: Haha,you'll be with Conor anyways.U2,What are you wearing?:)xxxx

I got to my bathroom and went for a bath,last time I checked it was 5 so I decided to take an hour relaxing

Than I did my make up,smokey eyes.Black.With a redish lipstick,foundation and everything. else.

I didn't do anything with my hair just put hair mouse.It was pretty wavy.And put stud earings,they were tiny.

I went to my room and saw 3 messagess.God kill me.

Zayn Malik

He's probably gonna be eating Tess' face so  I doubt that.Besides I'm looking forward of seeing yoU....Boxers...u?Perv much? :) xxxx

Conor Maynard

You better,don't be late!!Nice,I'll see two my fav persons:) Miss your too,too much school man,I'm dying.Yeah sounds great xxxxx

Tess Scot

Getting ready,can't wait to see Conor.And you! I wanna see your dress!!!!!!!Btw Zayn texted me:)xxxx


ok,too much x's I see

Zayn Malik

LOL,true!Aww!HA-HA,I asked what you're wearing for the party...I'm wearing a dress actually:)xxxxx

Conor Maynard

I won't!Cutie pie!!!I think eating Tess' face as Zayn says,too.Can't wait!xxxxx

Tess Scot

Good!I'm almost ready! U2!I wanna see yours.What did he text you?xxxx

I put my dress on and  looked on the clock and saw it was 8,I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.Put my wedges on and grabbed my leather jacket,that actually didn't had 'sleeves'(**Boneyard Biker Jacket by The Ragged Priest) and went downstairs.

"Mom,I'm going out" I yelled as I walked down,putting 2 gums in my mouth."Where are you going young lady?" I heard my dads voice,after a long time.

"To a party of a guy who's in my class" I sad opening the doors.My mom was on skype with him.He looked at me with the look."C'mon I'm almost 18,+ mom you promised!" I sad holding my Iphone.I made a puppyface.

"Fine,go!Be back at desent time.So you don't wake up the little's!I'm gonna get your dad from the airport." My mom sad and looked at me.

"Be back by morning" I heard her whisper.I winked back and went out,I got a cab and drove to Tess'.

"C'mon out,I'm waiting!" I sad on the phone.She didn't awnser she just came out.She had a beautiful lilac maxi dress with a belt around her back,had like little studs,in the shape of flowers.

I felt bad going in this dress."Hey" She sad as she jumped into the cab."Hi" I sad looking at her dress.Her hair was on one side,and had beautiful little stud earing.She was stuning.

"You're so pretty!" I sad looking at her."You 2" i heard her sad as she hugged me.

We were driving for 20 minutes.As we walked out,I payed and ran to get to Tess,she was already by the entrance."Hey,you sad something about Zayn texting you" i sad as she went inside holding my hand.Everyone was already drunk it was just the matter when we'd find the boys.


At one point we split up,but not because we wanted to,the drunkAlex's friends walked in and we had to let hands.I searched a while more to find Zayn,or Conor,Perrie,Lou,Adam,anyone really.I only saw Alex and the only thing he sad was "Good to have you here" and winked at me.He was waisted.

I went to grab some drink and saw Perrie she was dancing,I didn't wanna bother just took a red cup and poured some beer.

I felt someone grabbing my wrist.I turned around,and saw Zayn."Hii" I sad loud so he could hear me."Hey" He sad pulling my hand."Where do you wanna go?" He asked.

"Anywhere really" I sad smiling.

We went dancing a bit,but that didn't work,cause Perrie was eating Alex's face in the middle of the floor.

So we settled in the hall.There were a few people,who were only passing."I thought you wouldn't come" I heard him say into my ear,with his body pressed to mine."Why wouldn't I come?" I sad pulling him on the neck."I dunno.I wanted to show you something" I heard him say,as he leaned his head next my mouth."what" I asked,hoping he'd kiss me,cause I'd do it,if he didn't.

I felt his soft,warm,wet(not in the grose way) pressing on mine.I felt little sparks.I kissed him back and we started making out.I felt the strong grimp on my body,the preasure of his strong arms.He had one hand on my back and the other one explored the rest of my body.I felt amazing under his hands.



I heard someone slamming the doors.I looked up and saw myself sitting in Zayn arms on the stairs.I didn't wanna wake him up.He was the cutest thing when he was asleep.But I had to."Zayn I whispered into his  ear.He didn't react."Zayn" I poked him into his arm.Nothing.I stroke his hair and shook his head in the same time,and put a small kiss on his cheek."Zayn" I saw his eyes opening slowly."Hh....where am I?" his morning voice was so sexy.

"Alex's party.C'mon we have to get home" I sad getting up.

I took the free time,while he was waking up,to find my jacket.I find it finally.It was under Perrie.Ok.

"Let's go" I left Zayn's arm around my shoulder.We walked out of the house and walked home.

We bought coffee at Starbucks,but it didn't really help.I was at home around 10.I got in the house and quietly got upstairs.And drifted asleep.

I heard someone laughing downstairs I got up and peeked out.I saw Tricia.I got upstairs and went for a shower,a long one.

I heard my phone buzzing.I wrapped a towel around me and got to my phone,I had a lot of messages.The last one was from Tess: Where are you?xxx

I called her,and we talked for 2 hours,she couldn't believe what she heard,so did I.

"So what did you say about Zayn texting about me?" I asked walking around my room in a cropped top,that revealed my stomach and a baggy sweatpants.

"Well....he was asking about you" He wat.

"He wanted to know what you like,and all that" That's the sweetest thing ever.

"Oh" i sad and looked out of the window,Zayn was throwing the trash.

"Miles!Dinner!"I heard my dad yell,from downstairs.He woke me out of my thoughts about Zayn."Gotta go.Talk to you soon" I sad goodbye and went downstairs.

"Well someone is in a good mood.So how was the party." I heard my dad say."It was ok"  I sad putting my chicken into my mouth."Did you had fun?" Mom asked."Yeah" I smiled.Liah i Liam were staring."Hope you didn't do anything that's ilegal...or inappropriate" I heard them say.Gosh,why are we talking about this.

"Almost forgot,Tricia and her family are going to be joining us tomorrow for lunch" I almost chocked.





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