Don't wanna be without you ♥

Destiny Hope moves to England,starts going to an art academy and meets Zayn Malik.One enthusiastic young girl may have found her prince charming?


2. 1st day of school

I got up at 7 by the sound of my alarm clock on my cell.It was ringing: Uneasy by Rita Ora.I loved that woman,I wanna be like her one day,all that power,energy,passion.I want that.

I got up from my bed and made a messy bun of my blonde hair.I walked over to my bathroom and took of my clothes,just slid it down my body and went into the shower.The water was so hot.I was in the shower for 20 minutes,I washed my hair too.

I put my show white towel around my wet body and came into my room,I went for the closet.I picked some high-waisted jeans with floral print,with a crop jersey top that was white.I wore my martens with it and a varsity jacket.

I dried my hair,I straightened it a bit but it didn't work well,it was still wavy.I took my leather bag and my cat-eye sunglasses.I put them on my head,I lifted my Iphone from the floor,from the charger,and went down stairs.

"Morning Mom,I'll be going now" I sad opening the doors."Ok hun,good luck" I heard her say as I shut the doors.

The weather was ok,actually perfect temperture.I went over to my car,my Range Rover.My dad bought me for my 16th.I think it's toooooo big,but it's ok I guess.I just hope I don't crash into someone cause I'll be driving on the other side,for the first time.In my life.

I got to my school at 8:28,2 minutes before class,'YAAAY'

I got out of the car,had my keys in one hand and my leather (mailman style) bag.There were a lot people there.Everyone seemed...weird,I guess I'm not used to British people.There was this guy that catched my eye,He had black hair.Tall.Hot.Pretty eyes.He seems 'popular'

Than the bell went.

I got to the class went for the teacher."Hi" i sad giving my paper with classes and books to the teacher but he cut me of."Hello...You must be Destiny" He sad smiling.

"Yeah" I added smiling back."Here are your books...and come sit,there's a seat next to Tess" He sad pointing his finger at a girl who sat by the window.She had light brown hair,wavy,beautiful green eyes.And a little darker skin.I came up to her and sad "Hi" smiling."Hi,I'm Tess" she added with a smile."I'm Destiny but you can call me Miley" I sad with a big grin.

"So where are you from.You have a strange accent" She asked looking at me."Well I'm from Nashville but my mom's half British." I sad putting my books on the table.

"Hey wanna sit together on lunch?" she asked with jumping of the chair."Yeah,that would be great" I sad looking over the room."I don't know anyone except" I added.

"Hey Perrie,I want you to meet someone!" Tess yelled at a blonde,tiny British girl.She had big blue eyes.And wore some big,big pants,hippie style and a bralet."Hey" She sad coming to us.

"This is our new student,her name's Destiny" Tess added."Nice to meet you,I'm Perrie Edwards" She sad smiling."You me Miley" I sad shaking her hand.

"Oh,well hi Miley" She added sitting behind me.

"Alright class,no more talking.Gotta start working.So as some of you noticed we have a new student,Destiny" He pointed at me.I waved and put a fake big smile.

"Hi" everyone mumbled."Ok,now that we have that settled,lets get into groups." he  clapping his hands."Tess,Perrie,Destiny,and Lou" he sad pointing at us,that Lou came over.We sad hi and than he started getting other groups.

We just started talking,not caring what the teacher sad.

"So you're from America?" Lou asked."Yeah,Nashville" I smiled.

"We could go to town tonight" She added."Where?" I asked."Well there's Nando's,mall,and we can show you around" She sad giggling."Well,I don't know if I can" Perrie added.

We alll looked at her with a raised eyebrow look."Alex is taking me on a date" she replied all happy and excited."Really?So he finally got to you" Tess sad with a sigh.

"Btw this is his best friend" She added pointing on the other side of the room.But my head glanced to the dark boy.He looked at me and smiled,and I smiled back.Than I shook my head cause Tess poked me."What?" I asked giggling."Well,we have to work,ya know" she sad winking.

"Who's that?" I asked looking at that boy."That's Zain... Malik.He's like the quiet,friendly,hot one" He sad smiling and than looking at me."Why?" he asked."Just wondering" I sad turning to seat so I could get a pen.

The rest of the class went pretty good,we laughed,I glanced a few times on 'Zain'

When the bell rang,Tess dragged me to the lockers.I went to mine too.I just left English in it.Than I waited,leaned on the locker,Tess who was checking herself in the mirror before closing it.

"So who's that Alex guy?" I asked with a raised eyebrow."Well,he's like the popular,jerk one." she added and closed the locker."Oh" I sad looking at nails.

We started walking to the cafeteria."Oh hey there" Lou sad walking with Zain,and some other guy.He had shorter,light brown hair."Hey" we sad at the same town."So you're the new girl?" The boy asked."Yeah,that's Destiny" Tess jumped into.He just smiled."What's your name?" I asked."Conor" he sad putting his hand,but we end up hugging.

"Nice to meet you.Btw call me Miley,please" I sad smiling and pulling to Tess."And this is Z-" Conor started talking but Zain cut him of."Zayn" He sad smiling and pulling out his hand.

His hand was so warm,& soft."Nice to meet you...I thought your name was Zain?" I asked with a raised eyebrow and an awkward smile.Conor laughed at my face expresion and tapped me on the back."Well,I thought your name was Destiny?" he sad replying to me.

"Yeah" I made another weird face and Conor laughed again."Shut up" I sad smiling and walked away with girls.

"Soo,what's up with those 2!" Lou sad to me."Weird" I sad loud."But cute" I added as I ate my fries.

"I think Zayn likes you" Tess added and I almost choked."You're kidding me right" I sad laughing awkwardly."You'd be cute together" Lou added."No" I sad blinking hard and taking my burger.

" you guys have boyfriends or something" I asked eating my food."Well,Lou's been with Conor,but they broke up.And I,I've been with Alex and he used me and dumped me,ya know popular kid"

She rolled her eyes."Than why Is Perrie dating him?" I asked looking at Tess."Well,she likes him since the 1st day,but only cause he's 'hot' and she's been playing hard to get,but she couldn't wait to be with him" She replied.

"Ok this school is complicated" I  sad one of many faces."You're really funny" Tess added."No..I'm not...I try tho" I added.

"So do you have a boyfriend" Lou asked me."Well,I had one...when I was yeah,no" I sad making it sound sarcastic.

"Well you won't be single for long" Tess added."Why?" I asked."You're the new girl,and you're really beautiful and really nice" She sad looking at me.

"me,pretty are you kidding me?" i asked."You're serious?" she asked."Well,I don't consider myself pretty,I think somewhere round average" i added."You're gorgeous" she sad

"c'mon,what about you,I wish I was that beauty" i sad looking at her with my head on the shoulder.She blushed.

after our little talk we had Painting.I was next to Perrie,and Zayn next to her.I think he liked her.There's no way he liked me.

We we're painting as the teacher sad "everything what you need to express it into art"

I made a pretty weird painting,cause I felt everything,from moving to UK,liking a guy that I know for 3 hours,annoying parents,missing my dog,all the love problems and the new school.How lovely.

"This is brilliant Destiny" The teacher sad really loud.Everyone turned around."Umm...I don't think soo....look at Zayn's!" I sad turning my head to him,he smiled.The teacher came over to him and sad something,I didn't hear,sure it was a good thing.

Around 15 the school ended,I saw Zayn again,we smiled again and sad hi....i mean sad goodbye.He's really shy but It's cute.

I realised he lives near me,In my street.I saw him through the window when he came home."FOOD" my mom yelled yeah Idk is it short or long.I'll post another when I write it,hopefully today.I'm sorry if you see mistakes.Yeah I added a few people from #1DF like Perrie,Conor(in a way he is,he's good friends with them),Lou,and maybe I'll add a few If I decide,later.And i think you got the Niall thing in the first chapter.hope you like it xxxx




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