Don't wanna be without you ♥

Destiny Hope moves to England,starts going to an art academy and meets Zayn Malik.One enthusiastic young girl may have found her prince charming?



It was time to say "HELLO LONDON" as I step foot on the London Heathrow Airport,and say goodbye to my Nashville.

"C'mon Miles" My dad pushed me to my little brother and sister,they're twins,to make it even worse.+ they're 6.

"So where's our new house again?" I asked trying not to get lost.The airport was huge.

"We'll be there in 30 minutes tops" My mom Tish sad smiling and putting her arm around my shoulder.

"YAY" I commented sarcastically."Destiny?" my little sister pulled my varsity sleeve."What now" I love her and all but she's pretty annoying."Can we play in my room after we come home" she asked holding her Barbie in her hand."Mom" I sighed and looked at her with a killer look."Leave your sister alone Liah" My mom added,finally someone's saving me."Yeah,I have to unpack and get ready for school tomorrow...and jetlag" I looked at her rolling my eyes and went into the taxi,that we waited 10 minutes."Good Morning Sir,need help?" The taxi driver sad opening the trunk."I could use some help" My mom jumped with her suitcases.

They talked the whole time,I just fell asleep with my headphones on.I felt someone poking me,so I'd wake up,apparently "we're here" My dad sad,really really loud...with his accent."Why don't you just shot me now god" I sad pulling my suitcase and moving to the doors.It was a nice house,you could say it's perfect.With a pretty view of the whole street.My room was on the top floor.You could say I had the whole floor for myself.I liked the decor,and the famous British stairs.It felt like home.

My room was a beautiful size.I had a window in the middle,on the side that looked on the street.It had the little window sitting.Cute.

I unpacked only my clothes and sheets + pillows.I was painting my walls tomorrow.

"Mom I need to go to the shop,I need lights for my room and paint." I yelled across the house.

"Your dad will buy it tomorrow,just give him the list." she replied yelling."But.....ugh,fine" I sad and went to the bathroom,I put my cosy baggy sweats with a tank top and a checked oversized shirt.That's what I wear home.I took my laptop and sat by the window.I typed art school london into google and got:

Slade School of Art The Slade School of Fine Art is a world-renowned art school in London, United Kingdom, and a department ...

City and Guilds of London Art School The City and Guilds of London Art School is an art college in London, England, United Kingdom. It is ...

Royal College of Art The Royal College of Art is a public research university specialising in art and design located in ...

Ok,how am I supposed to know where am I going.Nevermind.I typed and logged in.Dash was filled with hipster photos.It was getting annoying.

Than I put Bryan Adams on.And started singing,and dancing as I was searching for my pen but then my little brother Liam came in.I bumped into him."Woah,sorry" I sad raising my eyebrow."Dinner time" he sad with his cute little voice."Sure,I'll be downstairs in a sec.

I stopped Bryan and went downstairs locking my room.I ran on the stairs and all I could hear was "Don't do that" "I don't need another kid doing that" and so on.

"What's for dinner?" I asked sitting by the table."Well I ordered pizza,I didn't get to unpack the kitchen things." My mom sad passing me the plate."sounds good to me" I sad grabbing a bite of a hot soft pizza with mushrooms and cheese,and a lot of tomato sauce with ham and sausage.

"Why don't we leave the kitchen unpacked?" I joked but someone has pms."Yeah right so Liam and Liah could be .....uh" She sighed and shut the slice of pizza in her mouth.Ok.

"Miles leave mom alone" my dad sad with dont-say-anything look cause he probably thought she's gonna leave it on him tonight.I didn't say a thing,i just finished my slice and went upstairs.

"Miley come downstairs and watch the kids,& wash the dishes.Dad & I are going on a meeting with his new boss and then for a drink" My mom sad...I was already half way.

"Fine" I sad stabbing the every stair as I step foot on it.They went to they room and I wanted to get rid of the little ones so I turned the tv and played Toy Story for them.

"C'mon chop,chop.The movie's on.Don't do ANYTHING and be quiet." I sad leaving them in the living room.I went to the kitchen,played some music and went with the washing.I was singing and making a total fool out of myself.But I don't care.

"Good night kids.Don't do anything" My dad sad opening the doors."Bye" I sad putting the last plate in the kitchen cabinet.

I checked on Liah and Liam and got my laptop from upstairs.I was grabbing the window handle and saw some girls and a boy on the other side of the rode,I just saw he had black jeans and a denim jacket,and the girls some TW t-shirts."Who are they?" I mumbled  as I took my laptop and got downstairs.

I was on the internet.Publishing some of MY SMART quotes on Twitter.You know,everyone tries to be a smart-ass.

I logged on Omegle and teased and talked.I actually met some cute irish boy,he followed me on Twitter.His name's Niall,and he likes Justin Bieber...I mean the guy asked if I met him.And some guy with the hair of Beibs.What's up with that...but he's hot.

I went to the living room quietly and saw my little baby twins sleeping,at least Liah."Liam wanna go to bed?" I asked putting Liah on me,like a little baby,Liam followed behind me.I tucked them in bed,and kissed goodnight Liam."Sweet dreams Li" I whispered and turned the lights on and went to the living room.I was on my laptop till 2 am,then they finally came home.I think my mom had a FEW drinks."Hello honey,how are the kids?" My dad asked holding my mom with hand around the shoulder."Fine,they're asleep" I sad and carried my laptop up.I was a bit more on the internet,looking my classes.But than I dozed off.




Yeah,I know I'm weird,anyways this is my new fanfic,about Miley & Zayn.I don't want you to call me a directionator cause I have on the cover "ZAIN JAVADD MALIK" Zain is his real name,he changed it to Zayn,so there's no point for bad mouth.I'll call him Zayn obviously,I just put the whole real name cause I did that with Miley.Hope you like it.I'll post a chapter tomorrow,I'm toooooo tired.

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