The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


15. wedding


This is Ashes new dress if your interested




Today was my mums wedding so I couldn’t blame her for waking me up at 6:30 even though the wedding was at twelve could I? I decided I had better not and went to make breakfast “Niall honey you need to go to this hotel room 63 after breakfast to be with Chris you being the best man and all”

“Okay mum stop panicking”

“You’re right I should” my mum said walking out the room I laughed and Ash came in her hair a total mess
”Hiya Niall need any help”

“Please could you take this up to my mum” I ask her

“yup” she picked up the plate off toast and coffee and took it upstairs to my mums room. I put some more toast on and made me and Ash some water

“Niall your mum just asked me to be bridesmaid” Ash said smiling

“That’s a bit sudden isn’t it”

“Yup but the bridesmaid she was going to have has gone in to hospital so I have to stand in mind you I have to go get a new dress to match the old one

“right well have fun doing that ill guess ill see you at the church I have to go see Chris seen as I’m best man”

“bye” and with that I left to Chris’s hotel room


After I ate my breakfast and brushed my hair I left to go get the required brides maid dress it took me about an hour to get to town pick up the dress and shoes and get back to Nialls house I checked the time it was now 10 o’clock “im back”

“Okay love can you come up here a minute” I ran up stairs

“Yes Maura”

“Ahh could you please put this eyeliner on me”

“Course” I quickly did it for her

“Thanks love you can go get ready now”

“Okay shout if you need any thing”  and I went off in to Nialls room I curled my hair with the curlers Maura lent me I slipped on the dress and shoes and I was done. I checked the clock we still had half and hour left I went in to Mauras room

“you look well nice” I tell her

“thanks so do you, could you please take that bag with you I put lots of snacks in it for Niall because I think he will get hungry”

“sure thing” she beamed we went down stairs Maura got her shoes on I sorted out the back off the dress and we went out in to the camp a van that was waiting to pick us up


I was stood next to a nervous man that with in the hour would be my step dad I tried calming him down and it seemed to be working.

 Suddenly every one stood up and the music began to play I looked down the aisle I could see my mum walking down she looked really happy and pretty in her dress but her looks where nothing compared to Ash she look stunning her dress looked as if it was made for her I must have been staring because she blushed and smirked at me. I looked away they made it to the front of the church I could see Ash carrying my mums food bag she takes with her when ever we go on long journeys or places I wont get food I smiled Ash went to sit down and the service began

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end on church service~~~~~~~~~~~~

“you look beautiful”  I whisper in Ashes ear she blushed

“thanks you don’t look to bad your self”
”Is there what I think there is in that bag?” I asked excitedly she laughed

“if its food your thinking off then yes” I beamed at her

“come on me and you will go in this car they can go in the other” I tell her pointing to the car me and Chris came in we walked over and got in the driver set off

“so you gonna give me some off that food” I ask her she shook her head “you leave me no choice then” and I leant over and tickled her.

“stop Niall here have what you want” I pulled back and took the bag I choose a packet off crisps and  began to eat them we arrived at place we where having the after do I got out and opened the door for Ash

“thanks but I can open a door for my self”

“I know I was being nice” she smiled we walked in side I went to the bar and got two cokes I gave one to Ash she gave me a thankful smile we went outside again to the play ground we put our glasses down on the picnic table and sat on the swings to start with we just sat and talk but then Ash said she bet I couldn’t get higher then her and I bet I could so we went in to a full out competition to see who could go the highest. She won. We messed about on the other play equipment for a bit until my mum shouted us because dinner was ready I saw Ash check her phone for the time

“what time is it”

“its 6 already”

“wow time flies” I said and with that we ran to the canopy where the food was being served I got a little bit off every thing Ash settled for just trying one dish the chicken curry we sat down on a table filled with old people who kept saying id grown I didn’t really know then so I waited for them to introduce themselves to Ash before I said any off there names. After the food was finished I had one off every sweet aswell but Ash once again only had a normal portion off chocolate fudge cake. My mum and Chris went to cut the wedding cake it was pretty impressive it was a rainbow cake so every slice was a different colour. I got blue and Ash got red we where done and was about to get seconds when the dj said it was time for my mum and Chris to have there first dance I wasn’t to fussed about it so I went to go get me and Ash some more cake making sure we got different colours to last time me yellow her green she thanked me and we just sat and talked until gangnam style came on.

“ you wanna dance Ash”

“sure we made are way to the dance floor and started dancing not very well to gangnam style I was thankful my brother couldn’t get back from the states other wise I would be all over youtube  all the teens and little kids started to join in with us it was hilarious every one who obviously hadn’t seen the gangnam style video looked at us like we where weirdoes the song came to an end me and Ash carried on dancing until a slow song came on we where about to get off the dance floor but we where surrounded in couples dancing I looked at Ash silently asking if she was okay with it she shrugged her shoulders I took that as a okay I but my arms around her tiny waist and she put her arms round my neck and we swayed along to the music the song stopped and the chicken song came on all the under 10s ran to the dance floor me and Ash looked at each other and just laughed and joined in with them we danced and talked pretty much until midnight when we got really tired me and ash had to share a room but we where both okay with that. “tomorrow ill take you bowling seen as you’ve never been before” I tell Ash   

“okay” she said smiling we changed in to our pyjamas and feel asleep.  


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