The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


4. Visit

When I first wrote this I went in to loads of detail, I went of the site for 2 minutes and it all deleted so I just shortened it down a bot because it took be half and hour before and I'd only got them to the kitchen :)
Ash lead me to the far door in the white hall way I quickly opened the door for her she smiled I went in to her kitchen it was just like your standard kitchen sink fridge, kettle, microwave oven, stove and a table in the middle it had a pasta dish on a paper plate it looked like it been there a day and was starting to smell a bit Ash saw it and quickly picked it up whilst walking to the bin she said "I'm sorry it was my tea last night I must have got ermm sidetracked?" She explained though it sounded like a question and I let it slip and she walked towards the fridge
"Would you like a drink Nialler?" I laughed at the nick name I loved it though "sorry I shouldn't hav.."
"Don't worry I love it and ill have a water please"
"Great that's what I'm having as well" she grabbed some vegetables out the fridge and place them on the counter she went to the edge of the counter and tried to reach for the floating counter she was about to pull her self on the counter when I bet her too it and opened the cupboard easily and got two glasses down she smiled
"Thank you Nialler"
"Hey what are friends for" her smiled got even bigger at that point maybe she wasn't ever popular like me really
"Would you like some help making tea"
"Okay if you're sure you want to"
"Yup it will be fun"
"Okay hear you go," she passed me a knife" chop these onions mushrooms and peppers ill cut the carrot tomatoes, garlic and leek." She got the pasta out as well as a pan and extra copping board.
She put the pasta on and we started chopping after about 2 minutes of silence she started humming tear drops on my guitar and the she burst in it sing softly she really was an amazing singer I joined when the song finished we carried on singing random songs even head shoulders knees that all we did in between fits of laughter. Ash got out 2 plates and served up the dinner after placing them on the table we sat down opposite each other we ate are tea in a comfy silence we where both done In under 5 minutes we must have been hungrey she took me upstairs to her room I looked around there was a book case willed with books she had a poster if a women who looked like her I guessed it was her there was one other school photo of her when she looked like 5 with a black eye that looked really resent she sat on the bed and watched be look around her room the walls where a pale blue And other then that they where bare the curtains where open with a view of there grassed garden. I went to sit next to Ash on her bed, "lets get to know each other better" Ash says "okay how"
"We will play 20 questions"
"Okay ill start" she nodded "why did you move to Mulingar?"
"My dad got a promotion what's your favourite colour?"
"Blue favourite hobbie?"
"Same! umm Reading and most embarrassing secret?"
"I'm a big fan of Justin Bieber um biggest secret?" She frowned like she was deep in thought
"I'll tell you at the end of the game, do you have a crush on any one" YOU!!
"Well her there is this one person she's really funny and pretty" I could have sworn I saw disappointment in her eyes but it went as fast as it came I scooted closer to her discretely "what about you seen any one seen any one that you take a liking to"
"Kinda yes he's good looking and seems really nice" great not me then
"Cool are you as bored of this game as I am?"
"Yep I am"
"So do you want to tell me that thing or do you want to wait" she took a deep breath
"I'll tell you" she said softly I waited for her to start not wanting to push her in to spilling
"Okay when I was born as yo know my mum died and well ever since then my dad has blamed me since I was 5 I had to replace my mum cooking, cleaning" she paused a sad look on her face "and when I did stuff wrong I would get punished like in that photo I made his breakfast late getting ready for school so he pushed me down the stairs" I looked in her eyes she looked like she was in a distant place "and then when I turned 13 he made me replace my mum even more at first I thought he was just being nice saying I looked good and stuff but then one Sunday he touched my breasts and started to unbutton my top I asked him what he was doing and he said I was filling in for my mum he then tried to kiss me put I bit his tongue, he tried on me again 10 times but each time I refused and then the abused got worse it was more physical then verbal" and then she stopped and looked at the floor I believed her honest but I must not have given of that impression
"you don't believe me do you?"
"I do honestly" she grabbed my hand and pulled me down stairs and in to the living room my eyes where drawn to the blood stained floor smashed coffee table and food smugged on the floor Ash then took off her hoodie she was wearing a beautiful flower patterned vest but what really got me was all her visible body except her face was covered in cuts and bruises.
"You didn't need to prove it to me I did honestly believe you" she gave me a weak smile
"Sorry I just" and with that she burst in to tears I went over to her and gave her a big hug she hugged me back and cried in to my shirt after about half an hour she stopped crying her face was pale I placed her on the sofa and went to the kitchen I looked around but I couldn't find one I made one last attempt and found the dust pan and brush and went back to the room Ash was in and started clean up but she stopped me
"Niall stop I can do that"
"No I'm doing it stay there" after 5 minutes I'd cleared most of it up
I check my watch it was half 7
"So do you want to do something to take your mind off it?" I asked her seen as she seemed pretty down
"What about your family?"
"They won't mind ill just ring them to tell them ill be home late"
"Okay then we can watch a film"
"Okay well you select on and ill ring my mum"
She stood up and went in the direction of her room 15 minuites later she came down in cotton shorts and a gray vest top she looked stunning i could see brusies down her leg she had also taken off her makeup so she now had a visable black eye.she had 3 films in her hand she gave them to me
"Pick one off these ill be right back" and with that she ran back upstairs she had picked Grease my all time favourite but I didn't really want to see that, the other one was Harry potter and the philosophers stone that was good so I check the last one toy story 4 I ended up choicing that as I hadn't seen it I got it set up and then Ash came down she had a dovay, popcorn and chirps in her arms I took the food out her hands and sat on the settee she sat next to me and but the dovay over us and pressed play on the remote about ten minuites in to the film she lent on my chest and stole a pice of pop corn I expected her to move away any one else would, but she didn't she just stayed there we fitted like jigsaws I put my arms round her she put the chrips on the floor and I gave her the popcorn to do the same with. I Laid down and she followed my movement just as the film was about to end see looked like she was about to pass out I whispered in the air "she's you" but I'm not sure if she heared I turned the tv off with the remoted kissed her head because I new she was dead to the world now I laided back and feel asleep with her in my eyes thankful that I told my mum I may be back tomorrow.
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