The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


18. Truth or dare

"Happy new year" every one yelled as the clock stuck midnight Niall was staying at the care home for new year seen as Travis insisted he come over for a while instead off me always being at his house, he was going to stay the night in mine and Chloe's room when every one eventually got to sleep I really like it here it was so happy most off the time much better then before me and Chloe where starting to become best friends I made sure I didn't neglect Niall though he has been my friend through every thing I didn't
want to lose him, he was to important and special to me.
We made are way to Ash's room and got ready for bed Sarah came in to check that every one was ready to get to bed, I was going to be sleeping at the end of Ash's bed we all got comfy when 10 off the kids came In I recognised them as Liam Sophie Tee Helen Lindsey Alex Kate Susana Lilly and Cathy.
"Yay annual truth or dare" Chloe whisper squeaked.
"What's all this?" I ask
"Every year on new year we play Truth or dare" Liam explained, I looked at Ash and she just shrugged,
"Okay ill go first" Sophie said every one nodded "Ash truth or dare"
"I em Truth"
"Wimp why are you in care then?"
"Well my dads in prison and my mums dead" Ash explained why hadn't she said anything before to them
"Nialler Truth or Dare"
"I dare you to sing I'm a little tea pot with actions" okay that wasn't too bad I saw loads of people get there phones out there dressing gown pockets o film me great! I started but I put on a rubbish voice so people wouldn't know I could sing I still didn't want people knowing I could apparently sing after I did it Ash shot me a confused look i discreetly shrugged me shoulders while every one mockingly clapped for me.
"Chloe Truth or Dare"
" I dare you too go to the staff room and say you had a nightmare" I tell he I know it pretty pathetic but I could think off any thing else. The game carried on for half an hour it was Ash's go to pick a victim
"Niall truth and dare"
"I dare you to kiss tee" Liam I think it was said I didn't want to but I didn't want to seem like a whimp Ash looked at me I discreetly shook my head
"No Liam it's my turn ill pick him a dare" Ash said
"No he should have to kiss some one he's th only one who isn't family"
"Well you can pick that when its your turn" Ash shit at Alex
"Niall I dream you to do 10 minuets in heaven with me in the nth room" what she wanted what a couple off people wolf whistled I followed her out and in to the bathroom she locked the door, "are you okay Niall"
"I'm okay I guess"
"Niall you can tell me I won't laugh I promise"
"Okay well I don't really want to kiss any off the others seen as I've never kissed any one before and I don't want my first to be with a practical stranger"
Ash nodded "I know what you mean unfortunately my dad took my first kiss but I don't class that as real" she said we stood there for a while
"At least you know what to do" and then she did what I never thought she would she came up to me and kissed me OMG I was happy I reacted straight away
"You seem to know what your doing to me" she smiled at me and then went back to the bed room as if nothing happened when we got back no one was there except Chloe
"Where is every one"
"Sarah came up we think its time to go to sleep any way night " Ash and I got on to the bed and fell asleep.
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