The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


19. Text

Nialls POV
3 day left until I go to the xfactor, me and Ash have been inseparable for the whole time we had known each other I was still in love with her but I also tried to move on as to forget about her, no such look I had had girl friends none from school like no one there would talk to me other then Ash, none off my girl friends lasted over a month though to be honest I wasn't even that fussed I just wanted Ash but I knew I could never have her so I settled for best friends her kiss was still the best kiss I've ever had and actually it was the only kiss I've ever had on the lips not off a relative I would dream about it all the time. Any way as I said I was trying moving on and the Xfactor would be the best way hopefully fingers crossed. It didn't help that we where always with each other and how she was so beautiful funny an perfect for me in every way stop Niall you can't think like that your friends nothing more or less she would never ever ever see me as any thing more would she? No she wouldn't beep
To Nialler x
From Ash <3
'Hiya... x'
I was scary to think that just that one worded text sent butterfly's In my stomach I quickly replied
To Ash <3
From Nialler x
Hiya Ashi
Wht u doin .... X
I smiled at my nick name for her I started calling her It her a couple off months ago
To Nialler
From Ash
Home work :/ you xx
To Nialler
From Ash
I love you Niall I really do xx<3 xxx
What she loved me OMG I can't believe it! I started to reply ' live you too x' when Ash sent me another message
To Nialler
From Ash
Omg haha Im so sorry Chloe just hacked my phone I know your just my bestie I'm sorry ;) xxxx
After I read that a single tear trickled down my face that's all I'd ever e her best friend
To Ash <3
From Nialler
It's okay Ashi x
And then I stopped texting her I had gotten so hopeful I shouldn't have I just wanted her to be mine why couldn't she see that plan get over Ash would start in 3 days when I would hardly see her if I got through.
Why did I send him that text I already know really I loved him I new he wouldn't feel the same way so to stop are friendship being ruined I made up that Chloe had sent that message I didn't want him thinking I was weird that's why I would help him with all his date help him get ready tell him how to ask who ever the girl in question was because I knew it made him happy even if I saw him less and I was jealous beyond believe I could stand through any pain to see him happy in the nicest way possible I was glad he never got in a long term relationship just a month max if he did I swear I'd probably kill the girl I'd hate her so much unless it was me .. Stop Ash you can't think like that, we had never mentioned the kiss it was amazing though and It was the best way I could kiss him with out the risk of making it awkward between us. I was starting to regret pushing him to audition for Xfactor I mean he'd forget about me wouldn't he?! Off course he would I'd just be that care kid that got abused and raped that hung round a little in his life like a wasp annoying you but never went away I tugged on my bracelet Niall had given it to me it was rubber like those charity bands and had promise written in black over the blue he had the same one he gave me it today after promising to never forget me and for us to always be friends I would definitely miss him when he gets through ill miss him like hell I already miss him and I saw him 3 hours ago Chloe said I had a crush on him but I always denied it and In a way I wasn't lying I don't have a crush on him I love him with all my heart he is just so perfect however he would never think of me as any think other then friends and that was okay I only want him to be happy.
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