The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


22. Sleep over

I ran to the toilets as fast as I could I was crying but I wasn't site why any more I told my self Niall is worth your tears any more when I got to the bath room I broke down I sat on the floor knowing no one could come out to these toilets for another 20 minutes other then Niall but why would he want want to come in the girls bath room I was crying on the floor for less them 2 minuets until I found a arm wrap round me comforting me "what are you doing her Niall" I said through sobs
"I came to check on my best friend to explain things to you" I remain silent so he took it as his cue "Ash I honestly never forgot you I only didn't look as if I didn't recognised you because we'll what if it wasn't you I mean you look so different with the hair the clothes the weight you've put on you not fat though your just right I'm not allowed to bring you up in conversations in front of fans or press though the management band it just like Harry has to act like a player when really he's more in to long term relationships I'm the one who never had any friends and got bullied and that would be dead with out music" I nodded slowly " and Ash I can never forget you you mean to much to me I would have contacted you but every time I sent a text it went no where you would never reply so I tried ringing it and it said the number doesn't exist please forgive me for making you cry"
"Say sorry then I might if your lucky"
"I'm sorry a million times" I laugh and get up he copies my actions I give him a big hug "your forgiven this time Horan" he smiled his perfect smile that made my heart melt
"So do you wanna catch up this weekend" Niall Asked me
"Well my foster parents are going away tonight at 5 on business so me and Chloe where going to have a movie sleep over night with each other you and the boys are more then welcome to come."
"Sure I will be there so will the boys I think"
"Great" I scribble my address on a bit of loo roll this address at 6:30 okay"
"Sure ill bring fooooooood" I laughed same old Niall
"Okay well we better get to lesson come on we have sports boys v girls" I tell him
"Prepare to get beaten"
"Yeah yeah the girls always win"
"Ahh but now I'm here so you know boys will win"
I went to get ready for pe when I got to the sport filed all the girls where in sports clothes ash was in and chloe was wearing I walked over to the boys and told them we where trying to beat Chloe and Ash the most they nodded in agreement I think Louis has I thing for Chloe ill ask him later
"Oh and guys before I forget do you want to go sleep over at Ash's and Chloe's tonight at around 6:30"
"I'm in like donkey kong" louis said we laughed
"I'm in but are you sure there not using us for the fame I mean we've only just met them" Liam said typical daddy Directioner
"Yes I'm sure in fact one direction wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Ash she was the one who told me to audition she was/is my best friend and chloe used to share a room with her in the care home before they got fostered together" I whisper shout at Liam
"Okay chill man however I've just remembered I have plans with dani tonight so it's a no show from me"
"Okay sorry man Zayn Harry"
"Nahhh man I'm sleeping all night" Zayn said patting my back I turn to Harry
"I need to catch up with my friends that are here on holiday sorry Nialler"
"It's fine guys me and Louis can just go" the teachers called us over we where going to play boy v girl foot ball match
*end off pe*
"Loser loser loser" Ash chanted next to me laughing yes that's right we got beat 5-1 the girls in this school where really good
"We let you win okay" I lied its what all the boys where doing trying to keep there matcho front up
"What ever keeps awake at night" she Said
*end of the day*
"I'll see you soon then Naill remember if you want pot noddles you have to bring them your self because we've run out and any particular film you want to see bring it in case we don't have it"
"Right got it ill see you soon"
We we got home me and Chloe ran to our rooms a quickly tided up see took down all her one direction posters and I hid my diary and picked up all my dirty clothes. We went down stairs to see our "parents" before they left they really where nice when they left me and Chloe went In to speed mode she went to clean the living room up and I ran upstairs to get changed In to my pyjamas I grabbed my dovay and went to get Chloe's I got down stairs
"Chloe go" I tell her she ran up stairs to get changed I made the snacks and put the dovays on the two sofas Chloe came down wearing
"Chloe I need to ask you something quickly"
"What is it?"
"Do you have a thing for louis" she blushed and nodded
"What about you still have a thing for Niall" I nod in response
*dong ding dong ding ding ding* the bell was going off I went to open it and saw Niall and Louis "hey guys come in" I tell them they came in and took there shoes off
"I'll be In the kitchen" I heard Niall yell how he knew where it was was a mystery to me.
I point the way to the living room to Louis and then went to the kitchen to see niall
I went in the living room and saw Chloe on her phone she was the most beautifulest girl in the world In my eyes I was glad she didn't go fan girly on me as well "hey" I said
"Ahh omg Louis you scared me" she said laughing I join in and sat down next to her on the sofa.
Ash came in to the kitchen look beautiful as always I continued making 6 pot noddles me and Ash always have two "here ill help you" Ash said softly I smiled at here she got out 4 forks and carried in 3 of the pot noddles I carried the rest I passes Louis and Chloe there's and Ash gave me another one I thank her when we had all finished our food Chloe put a scary movie on me and Ash where on one sofa and Louis and Chloe where on the other about half way through the film Ash was practically sat on my lap head buried in my face when it had done Ash quickly took it out the DVD player "worse film ever" she said
"Not sure I loved it best film I've seen in a long time" I said to be honest I didn't like it that much but I did like the fact she was sat on me. We decided to watch all the high school musicals after singing along to the lyrics when we new them by the end of 3 Ash Chloe and Louis was asleep I turned the DVD off and fell asleep again with ash in my arms.
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