The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


5. Skipping school

I woke up and slowly opened my eyes I could feel warm arms round my body I looked up and saw Niall I don't know why I told him about my dad I've never told anyone and I only met the boy 10 minuites ago well not that short a time but less then 24 hours. My thoughts drifted to last night I though I heared Niall say "she's you" I didn't know weather I dreamt it, misheard or what it meant if he actually said it. I looked at my phone to check the time 6:30 I nudged Niallawake he groaned "5 more minuites" I decied that that was only fair so I nodded even though he had his eyes shut he smiled and pulled me closer I must have dropped off because when I recheck my phone it was 11 o'clock we had missed the first 2 lessons of school and form! I nudged Niall "Niall wake up its 11" he sat up "w-what it can't be I was five minuites and then you woke me up"
"No I must have fell asleep again"
"Okay well there's no point going to school today" he told me sleepily
"I thought you were spose to set me an example Niall" I said in mock horror he laughed
"I am on how not to behave on a school morning" I rolled my eyes and stood up
"Where you going?"
"To make some pancakes I guess you want some?"
"Course babe ill help you make them"
"Niallllllll??" I said sickenly sweet
"Never call me babe again" I said rolling my eys he smiled and we headed to the kitchen I got the butter salt and eggs and got a judge of water I put them on the side and got out a bolw and spoon. We measured them all out and make the mixture. I got out a pan and Niall "accidently" throw a bit off flour on my face so being the person I am I got him right back and so forth pretty soon we where In a full out food fight he cracked an egg in my hair and I cracked one down his shirt as I did I could feel muscles under his T-shirt to put more force on my crack I stepped for ward and it spilt all down his filthy top. I looked in grinning he looked down at me and raised his hand and put it on my face I seriously think he's going to kiss me I mean me! I tence up I can't help it its just what my body dose when some was touches me in more than a casual way
"Relaxe" he smoothed me " I'm just whipping the egg off you face and with that he got out his other hand and wipped my face clean. "Thanks" I saw to him.
I finished making the pancakes for me and Niall when they where done I served them on the paper plates my dad uses for poker nights. I put them on the table,and went to get the lemon,sugar and syrp when I got back Niall has eaten all his "Nialler you greedy boy those where mine"I tease him
"What I'm sorry I thought the where both the same and that it didn't matter"
"Niall relax I was joking" I manage to chock out between laughter he clearly did just that but his face went bright red "yer I knew that" he said I laughed and gave him half my pancakes he shot me a look of gratitude. When we had done with the food I took Niall to the bathroom insisting he showered first 10minuites later I heared Niall shouting me "what Nialler?"
" please can I borrow some clothes I don't have any spare"
"Okay ill get you some off my dads" I selected him some blue ripped jeans and a plain black top some boxers and socks I knocked on the bathroom door "Nialls I've got you some clothes"
He opened the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. "Thanks Ash" I just smiled in return not able to form words he was seriously hot! He shut the door and I went to my room to get me self some clothes I got some black leggings a pink dress top beaded neck and elastic waist and a grey cardigan I got some underware both black and made my way to the bathroom where Niall was just coming out I looked him over the black top really looked good on him you could she bits off his muscles on the sleeves. He walked pass me smiling and I went in for a shower.
"Let's go some where"
"Okay well I'm new so I don't know where anything is so where do you suggest"
"I don't know" I rolled my eyes "lets go to the town then but only if you don't make me go in boring shops" he said
"Come on then"
"Woah you have a car"
"Yes but I don't like to use it my dad made me fake I.D so if I get pulled over I have a drivers licence I only have it so I can get jobs done faster"
We walked in silence are hands some times touching when they did I felt electricity go up my arm.
"Where here"
"Okay so where do you want to go first"
"NANDOS I'm so hungrey"
"Okay but how can you be so hungrey we had breakfast 1 hour ago"
"Exactly Ash one hour off no food"
"Okay come on then"
After practically jogging to Nandos we got there as we went in lots of staff greeted Niall
"I'm a regular come at least twice a week" Niall whispered in my ear I got shivers down my spine I laughed we got a seat in the back I ordered a chicken burger and Niall got a 1/2 chicken meal while we were waiting we talked about every thing it was so easy to get along with him but it seemed like he didn't have any friends I just wonder why.
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