The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


6. Shopping

When are meals came we started eating just talking when she asked the question that would probably make her hate me
"How come you seem to not have many friends and people only ever seem to make mean comments or jokes at you?"
"Um well when I went in to school for the first day my brother my brother said you had to dress up as a clown so I did believing him and I turns out you didn't then all his friends and him would spread rumours about me like one time I cheated on my girl friend when I've never had one, then some one found out I like Justin Bieber and after all that I've been the target for jokes I've never had friends seen as your friends with me you, get bullied your self for hanging round the freak not that I can blame them really I mean I'm ugly and boring so I understand if you don't want to be seen with me" my voice broke I could feel tears welling up in my eyes but I tried biting them back Ash got up great she was going to leave oh well I wouldn't blame her. But she didn't get up and leave she got up sat next to me on the sofa chair thing gave me a huge hug I felt tears go down my face I hugged her back glad she was still okay with being with me, and didn't let them affect her
"Niall don't listen to them you are not ugly some might even say you hot you are talented and really funny and I mean who doesn't like Justin Bieber he's such a good singer,if it makes you feel better I've never had friends I was alway a freak the always got hurt, plus a teachers where my first friend and I'm not going to let what any one says to me change that or believe anything they say about you unless you say it you watch one of these days you'll be come mega famous then you'll show them who's best" she whispered her lips brushed on my ears once I could still feel it tingling "Ash your not a freak but thanks I'm really glad you moved" she smiled at me
"Me too you better give me your autograph so I can flog it on when your rich and famous" she joked I got the black pen that was on the table and wrote on a napkin
Thank you for being my biggest fan, I will never forget you, see you at the concert
All my love Nialler and signed it before giving it to her she laughed "thank you Niall now I have this I might just go " she got up and despite her words sat back down in her chair she put the napkin in her bag "you better not flog that on now or ill sue you" I said to her in a strict tone she laughed "why would I am your biggest fan and always will be" I smile at her
"So you think I got what I takes to win the xfactor" I ask genuinely curious she must have noticed my serious tone
"No" my face fell "you're not good enough you want to come second or first there the ones that make it not first" that was true I smiled
"You better not be getting my hopes up" I mutter
"OMG your gonna audition"
I laughed at her excitement
"Maybe just for a laugh in August though"
"Yay I can say I knew him when"
"Hahar what do you want to be then when you grow up?"
"I want to work with children but not teaching"
We finished are food I instead I paid so in my head it could be a date we walked out
"I need to go to top man if that's okay"
"Yup that's fine what you need"
"Oh I need a new top for my mum and step dads wedding you can probably come my mum said I could bring a friend to save me being bored so do you want to?" Praying she would say yes it would be boring, with out her.
"Of course ill come safe you from eating all the cake ill help you get your top come on ill get a dress as well"
We went in to top man and went towards the shirts I selected a plain white short sleeve one a blazer and Ash got me a black tie she quickly went to the girl top shop and picked a dress unlike some girls she only took 5 minuets before she came back with a dress behind her back "you don't get to see it until I've tried it on ill meet you out here okay?"
"Okay" she went in the female side and I went in the males quickly getting changed I couldn't tie a tie so I just put it round my neck id ask Ash to do it I went out and about 30 seconds later Ash came out in a White and pink tie dye sundress with a open tie front and concealed back zip she looked sunning she had her arms wrapped round her and you could tell she was uncomfortable I couldn't think why then like hit me her dad and her scars and brusises that's why she always covered her arms.
"You look beautiful" I tell her she gave me a weak smile
"You dont look to bad you self" I grabbed her hand
"Ash you look gorgeous any boy would be lucky to date you" she smiled took her hand out of mins and did my tie "thanks but I've got the Nialler curse no ones gonna talk to me so looks like your stuck with me"
"Shame I was really not looking forward to spending time with you" I say sarcastically
"That hurt Niall in here" she said pointing to her heart I rolled my eyes "lets got changed ill meet you out here" with that we both went out.
"Niall I'm going to buy this so I don't have to try loads of stuff on"Ash said
"Okay I'm gonna buy the suite aswell"
We walked to the cash point and ash paid for her dress it was £5 the staff women said to her
"Are you sure that will fit you love?"
"Yes if any thing it was a tiny bit big but it was the smallest size there was" the women gave her a look I paid for mine with no trouble. When we got out the shop I asked Ash "what size is that dress"
"Um it's a size five" I chocked on my coke
"Wow I new you were skinny but that's just well skinny" she laughed
"Well my dad makes sure I don't eat much and have to do lots of exercise getting him stuff" she explained
We walked down the street when we stopped outside new look, "should we go in there" I said pointing to new look.
"Okay let's go" we walked round until we got to the pyjamas section and I saw an American flag onesie and picked it up I turned round to show Ash only to find she was looking at a great Britain one with a 12 on the back. I smiled "we gonna try these on then" I asked she jumped
"Yer okay let's go" when we got to the changing rooms there was a queue of 4 people there was only one working changing room apparently so people had to go in with there whole group as long as it was okay with them.
"Is it okay with you Ash if we go in together because we don't have to"
"No it's fine is its okay with you"
"It's fine with me to"
"Together or separate" the staff asked
"Togethers fine" I said the staff women who's name tag read Kate smiled and sighed I think it was in relief. We went into the changing room and I locked the door Ash face the wall and I faced the door I quickly changed. I turned around and I could seen Ashes back there was a red burn mark up it the seemed to be fading and a cuts that spelt idiot around her shoulders they were scabbed over so I assumed they were fairly old. She quickly pulled up her onesie and looked like she was struggling I turned round so she didn't know I was watching her
"Yes" I turned around to face her.
"Will you zip this up for me" she asked blushing
"Sure" I looked her over discreetly you could see her rib cage really clearly and her small breasts that were big based on the size of her stomach where covered in a black bra once I had got hold of the zipper I looked up in to her brown eyes they had loads of different shades of brown in them once I'd zipped her up she gave me her thanks. I got my phone out "lets take a photo"
"Okay" she got her phone out we went to the mirror and took a photo each I made sure my mouth was shut as not to draw attention to my awful teeth. Luckily I had braces so soon they would be straight. I changed back into my well her dads clothes that she said I could keep and she also got changed after I undid her zip we went out the changing rooms both deciding to buy the onesies and become onesie buddy's we sat down in the town centre and Ash went to go get us both a chocolate chip muffin and a drink from Gregg's "they only had one drink left so I hope you don't mind sharing"
"No no it's fine thanks for the muffin" I said we sat and ate I set my back ground to the picture of us on my new phone and I saw Ash do the same on hers we both had the same phone a black iPhone hers was in a blue case and mine was in a black case. I checked the time 5 o'clock how the hell did it get to that time so fast "Ash we better get going its five you can come to mine I you want for tea"
"Wow time really does fly when your having fun and okay" I smile
"Come on then" and we walked to my house talking the whole way.
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