The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


9. Science

"Nialler wakie wakie"
"I'm up" I opened my eyes to see Ash stood above me wearing the same as yesterday seen as she had no change off clothes at my house. Her brown hair was curly and went down to her waist she had a jacket over her dress top thing she wasn't wearing any make up she didn't need to really she said she only wore it to cover her scars and bruises and now they were getting faint on her face you could hardly tell they where there so I guess she didn't bother she looked "beautiful"
"What Niall" did I saw that out loud
"Nothing I didn't say any thing"
"Okay well get dressed I need the loo so ill knock before I come back so I don't walk in on you"
"Okay see you later" I threw on my dark green jeans white polo top and pale blue hoddie seen as they where the first things in my wardrobe I got my school rucksack from the corner of my room then realised Ash wouldn't have one so I went back tony wardrobe and got her one of my spare plain black rucksacks I heard a knock at my door "come in" Ash walked in "here have this for the day" I told her chucking her the bag she caught it "thank you your mum told me to tell you breakfast is ready" with that news I ran down stairs to find to two slices of toasts on a plate and one plate with one slice I started wolfing my food down when I was half way through the first slice when Ash came down she thanked my mum for the food and ate her slice quickly and we went up stairs to clean our teeth she used a new tooth brush.
-skip walk to school-
"Niall can I ask you something"
"Yep ash What is it?"
"I was wondering please can i sit next to you lunch"
"Definitely you can when ever you want"
"Thank you I thought I would have to sit alone" I laughed
"Niall what have you done to this girl to make her be friends with you"
"Right well obviously there's something wrong with her in the brain"
"Right and there's nothing wrong with you then" Ash said
"No actually unlike clown over here I'm a respected member off the world"
"Respected big word do you want to go get a gold star for good work" Ash said to them
"How old do you think I am five" I shot at her
"Could have fooled me" she snapped that shut them up. I stared at her in aww
"Come on Niall lets get to class" Ash said and linked her arm in mine. When had science with Mr Mcsimmons he places us at the back like most of the teachers we where doing a practical lesson today so Ash quickly tied her hair back in a high pony. I went to get us the science glasses and handed her a pair she thanked me. We where going to be doingHH PO chemical reactions using universal indicator and house hold products see as it was just a "fun" lesson me and Ash kind of messed around she was so easy to Be round and talk to it was then when it hit me like a ton of bricks
Today was the day I would go in to care
Today was the day I thought Niall would stop being my friend
Today was the day I snapped at the bullies
Today was the day I had to ware dirty pants
Today was the day I realised I loved Niall
We quickly packed up are practical somehow we made the best rainbow so we got a prize off a lolly I went for strawberry and Niall went for the apple. I don't know how we won we just messed about I guess we where natural scientists "come on Ash were going to be late" I cached up to Niall I need to figure out what to get him for his birthday which was tomorrow we would turn 16
"So Niall what would be your dream present"
"Nandos so then I could call it Nialdos" okay so I could get him A Nandos gift voucher helpful and I could get him a onesie as well perfect I'd go out and buy them tonight. I got snapped out of my train of thought when Niall said "where here"
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