The boy who changed my life

Ash a girl who has been abuse by her dad for as long as she remembers becomes best friends with Niall until he goes to xfactor when he get back will he tell her the truth about the way he feels


2. School

I walked up to the school slowly taking in my surroundings there was only 4 cars in the car park. Which I presumed where teachers seen as students where not allowed to bring there car to school so we had to walk or get the bus. I reluctantly pulled down my sleeves on my hoodie even though it was scorching I didn't want to risk any one asking me about the cuts and bruises over my body. I pushed on the entrance door quickly realising you where meant to pull I prayed no one saw me make a fool of my self and walked in to the school entrance at the edges of the circular room the where 5 doors I saw a arch at the end of the room I went to it and saw a desk covered up by a window with the words reception hovering above it I pressed on the door bell thing on the desk and waited in the plastic chairs. Two minutes later a cubby red headed women came to the desk and called me over. "Hello you must be Ash" she said happily I gave a small nod "well here we have your timetable and a map of the school it's not very big so you should find your way round pretty fast." She explained the smile never leaving her face. "I've partnered you up with Niall Horan you will be shadowing him, meaning you'll be in all his lessons except for pe of course and will get sat next to him for 2 weeks in every lesson then depending on how well you get in you will change seating plan any questions?" Wow that was a lot different to my old school of you where new you had to make you're own way round and hope for the best. " umm how will I find Niall?" I asked hoping the answer wouldn't be obvious "we'll sweetie he will be in the music room at the moment he's normally early seen as he's not allowed to play his guitar at home and its his only chance to play it," "to get to him go through that door" I looked to where she was pointing it was the closed door to us on the right and then go left and its the first door on the left" I nodded repeating the instructions in my head. "Thank you miss.." I trailed off
"Oh call me miss Jones" the women said
"Okay thank you" she just smiled at me and I made my way off to the music room.
____________________music room____________

I came to the door I new was the music room as there was a sign saying music on it I knocked on the door I heard a "come in" in a thick Irish accent I twisted the door handle and walked in.
Niall's pov ....
A girl I'd never seen before walked in to the room she had long brown hair pulled back in to a pony tail, soft brown eyes, her mouth was formed in a friendly smile that I quickly returned as not to look like a idiot. She was skinny but not like the sluts in are school who tried to show it off wearing what look like rags. This mystery girl wore black jeans and a zip up Gray hoodie god knows how she's not sweating under that. She was beautiful I wondered why she was in the music room and why I'd never seen her before. Then it clicked she was my shadow when they said I was going to have one I figured it would be a guy but I'm not complaining! I mentally scolded my self, she would only see me as a friend and even that was a long shot I had messy blond hair and geeky braces my clothes where mostly all handy me downs off my cousin and I'd never had a girl friend. I was the music nerd that no one had ever hear sing or play a cord, note whatever I don't let people listen to me play it would give them something else to laugh at I was rubbish at least i think I was.
"Hiya are you Niall I'm sorry if I interrupted you I'm the new girl Ash I hope you don't mind me shadowing you." She said softly I looked In her eyes they where filled with worry I smiled again at her "hi Ash yes I'm Niall and don't worry I don't mind you showing me" I said and put out my hand for her to shake I saw her wince at my move meant but it left as fast as it happened she shook my had but part of her sleeve pulled up her arm was a mixture of her skin tone red and purple I stared at it, she must have noticed because she quickly put her hands in her pockets in a shaky voice she said "p-please don't tell any one" pleading me with her eyes I found it hard to say no
"I won't but know you can tell me if ever you want to" I said feeling genuinely concerned for this girl I wouldn't let any thing happen to her at this school I promised my self, she let out a staggered breath and thanked me put said she would rather not talk about it right now. I gave her a reassuring smile took her hand out her pocket put it in mine feeling jolts of electricity go up my arm. " Lets go there will be big crowds in the outside corridor that's why I'll hold your hand as not to loose you after that its fine so ill let go and we'll go it I.T" I tell her my plan she smiled and nodded and with that we took off.
This is Ashes time table I case you wanted to know
Monday I.T. English Form break Business. Music lunch Citizenship Tuesday.P.E (theory). Music. Form break I.T. Lunch Business. English Wednesday. Science business. Form break Life Music. Lunch Science
Thursday.Maths Business Form break Science Music. Lunch P.E (practical) Friday.English Business. Form break Maths. Music. Lunch Maths
Thank youhhhhhhhhh for all the reviews i was surprised english is my weakest subject and I will read any books you lot write or friend suggest me to read seen as I always seem to have some free time even if its like now at 23.11 when I'm meant to be asleep :) OMG have you seen the kiss you video its perfection!! <3 hope you liked this chapter
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